Casa Casablanca 67 / emA

Casa Casablanca / emA
© Marcelo Cáceres

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Casa casablanca 67 / ema
© Marcelo Cáceres

The recently completed ‘casa casablanca 67′ has been developed as one in a series of three speculative vacation homes in a scenic area of chile’s valparaíso region.

Casa casablanca / ema
© Marcelo Cáceres

Designed by architect Orlando Etcheberrigaray of the studio emA and built/managed by Osvaldo Cardemil and Sebastián Gandarillas, the project’s intention is to provide a dwelling with a simple yet refined layout to function either as a ready-for-habitation model or allow for extensions and modifications.

Casa casablanca / ema
© Marcelo Cáceres

Located on a hillside site, the house’s floor levels step downward toward a large view of the valley below as well as an exterior pool. with a consistent roof height, the arrangement produces a sequence of increasingly tall spaces, thus distinguishing private program from common areas.

Casa casablanca / ema

The structure is composed of a steel framework wrapped in stained-pine cladding. the design pays close attention to finishes, to balance added an added value with cost efficiency.

Project Details:

Location: Casablanca, Chile
Type: ResidentialHouses
Area: 128 sqm
Architects: orlando etcheberrigaray p. / emA Construction: osvaldo cardemil a. + sebastián gandarillas v.
Photographs: Marcelo Cáceres


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