Casa da Atalaia / S3 ARQUITECTOS

Casa da atalaia / s3 arquitectos

Taking as an advantage the local topography, solar exposition and privileged views, it`s the main intention to adjust the existing house to new necessities and comfort of the present, through the construction of two new volumes for the suite and kitchen, preserving exteriorly the existing trees, proposing also a forestation near the plot´s boundary wall.

Casa da atalaia / s3 arquitectos

Maintaining the existing architectural composition, concept and philosophy in the building, the house is developed through the ground floor level, adapting to the land, with the public area oriented to South and private area of the house to North.

In this way the private area of the house it is reorganized, repositioning the kitchen new volume oriented south, allowing a better operation and connection with the living room, and also allowing a direct connection to the exterior.

Casa da atalaia / s3 arquitectos

It is intended that the new suite proposed volume, would exist in the extension of the main axis for where the private body of the house develops, and therefore could be distinguished for its singularity and prominent positioning in the plot.

The house organization through the central functional existing axis culminates with the new suite volume, and a direct connection to the garden area and exterior parking, created in the height difference between the new volume and the existing natural terrain.

Casa da atalaia / s3 arquitectos

The adequacy of the existing swimming pool follows the same logic of intervention as the rest of the house, reorganizing the exterior area of patios next to the living room, in order to be wider and functional.

The traditional constructive solutions applied in the recovery and extension of this house, are a basic condition to this intervention, with resource to the regional selected materials, as for example the use of the regional tiles in the exterior and interior floors, plaster painted walls in white plastic ink, roofing in regional tile and interior ceiling covering in wooden structure and treated cane.

As a primary intention in the extension built, in its more basic form, would be the e of the existing construction in its formal and sensorial prolongation, allowing to the enjoyment of the light through two sky lights and views to West and North, introducing an element of singularity and contemporaneity, and that by its form and materials assures a harmonic connection between the new construction and the former existing structure.

Project Details:
Location: Guia, Portugal
Type: Residential – Houses
Architects: S3 ARQUITECTOS –
Designer: Bernardo Daupiás Alves & Marco Braizinha
Total Storeys: 1
Floor Area: 218.00 m2 | 1715.00 m2 (plot)

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