Casa Fiera / Massimo Galeotti

Casa Fiera / Massimo Galeotti

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Casa fiera / massimo galeotti

Architect’s Statement: The urban pattern of the antique district of Porto di Fiera (once a harbor on the river), Treviso, hosts this house located right in front of the church of Sant’Ambrogio.

Casa fiera / massimo galeotti

Over the years, the building and the whole neighborhood probably underwent several alterations. The restoration of the existing part has been complemented with an addition on the side of the back yard.

Casa fiera / massimo galeotti

The external surface of this additional volume is entirely covered in wooden staves, to enhance its shape and mark the contrast with the pre-existing structure. New openings have been realized on the backside of the house, with the aim of framing the beautiful view on the church.

Casa fiera / massimo galeotti

It has been possible to recover at least part of the old beams and the structure of the roof, which has been restored and turned into a wooden-beamed ceiling.

Project Details:
Location: Treviso, Italy
Type: ResidentialHouses
Area: 156m2
Architect: Massimo Galeotti


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