Casa Materka / T3arc

Casa materka /  t3arc

We built this house around a piano whose sound we had to contain. In an area of 220 m2 we had to get that the pianist obtained right acoustic conditions in a space enough to give recitals and group lessons and at the same time protect the neighbors and the other residents of the house from the sound.

Casa materka /  t3arc

We surrounded all edges of the site with tall stone walls, and with concrete beams crossing them, we suspended all the second floor leaving the ground floor almost empty, isolating the piano.

Casa materka /  t3arc

In the middle of this space, under the master bedroom, is the living room where the piano takes all the importance and thanks to recycled wood floors and the stone porosity, the sound is properly absorbed. The house has two sunny bedrooms and a dark movie studio on the second floor.

Casa materka /  t3arc

The house wrapped in stone opens to the sun all day, nevertheless the house is denying all outside views, it receives sunlight reflected on all the walls. It is a house that seems in constant motion by light. We can only notice some details of woodwork done recycling all the formwork; We think it as Mexican architecture; simple, real, like the one on every corner of our always changing cities; a house perhaps always expecting to be modified.

Project Details:
Location: Puebla – México
Type: Houses – Residential
Architects: Alfredo Cano Briceño, T3arc –
Construction area: 220m2
Site area: 220m2
Owner: Radek Materka
Collaborators: Patricia Torres & Alberto Campos at T3arc.
Photo credit: Luis Gordoa.
Date: 2010

1 thought on “Casa Materka / T3arc”

  1. of all of the projects that I have looked at this is my favorite – by far

    was this an existing structure – I ask because of the abandoned electric meter near the top of the stairs.

    I also live in a temperate climate with monsoons – the submerged piano room gives me chills for fear that it floods during heavy rain.

    The next house that I build will emulate this one. I detest drywall, and I like the idea of using conduit.

    So organic, so cool – good job.

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