Castle Extension for a Medical Centre, France / Chartier Dalix architects


The building, located in the village of Bacouel-sur-Selle, is a major renovation of an old building that has already undergone several transformations. It will house 17 residents across 3 levels. Intended for elderly mentally handicapped patients, this restricted project requires an increase in circulation areas, which allows us to consider a true extension in keeping with the tradition of the Chateau.

These ‘added’ spaces (in which quality is important in terms of the time spent there by the users of this type of building) are seen as small promenades, encouraging the residents to move about.

Project Details:
Location: Bacouel-sur-Selle, France
Type: Health
Program: Restructuring and extension of a 17th Century Chateau into a Medical Centre with 13 rooms
Area: 870 m²
Architects: Chartier Dalix architects
Team: Frédéric Chartier and Pascale Dalix
Project Leader: Sophie Deramond
Photographs: David Foessel