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A residence for two artists. Located 15 miles north of Los Angeles at the edge of Angeles forest. of the main gateways to the newly redeveloped city center, between ancient ruins, new modern buildings, mosques and churches, Square Four emerges..
Altis Belém Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal - situated in Belém, on the waterfront to the east of the Bom Sucesso Dock
REX announced completion of the new headquarters and production studios for Turkey’s preeminent fashion and media sister companies.
The aim of the project was to revitalize a dismissed industrial area with a residential building. The challenge was to work within the parameters of good design and a low budget to provide the city with quality architecture while respecting the commercial space requirements of the client.
El 22 / JSª

El 22 / JSª

Facing a peruvian beach, 30 miles from Lima, El 22 is arranged with 4 beach apartments suitable for families.
The Centre for Learning and Leadership integrates a library and information technology functions, and include a 240 seat lecture theatre and administration centre.
This house is located in an area near rugged coastline subject to strong prevailing winds and sits within an expanse of native tea tree, on one of Australia’s southern peninsulas.
Towards a new model for multi-tenant buildings with an appealing philosophy...
Do they really live beyond this・・・The mountain village appears when having started a little anxious so. The Horizontal House is here.
The concept of the “kindergarten-in-motion” includes the surrounding area of unspoilt nature.
The house is located on a small plot in IJburg; a suburb of Amsterdam. Designed as a vertical garden giving space to flora and fauna to grow in a densely urbanised area. Closed private spaces contrast with open collective spaces, that seem to have been 'carved out' from the solid volume as a continuous transparent void. In this way the interior space is visually and physically connected to the street, the garden and roof terraces.

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