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From Islands to hotels and treehouses, ideal homes from waste materials
The hermit crab is neither a hermit or a crab, yet we’ve accepted this misnomer to represent a crustacean that doesn’t have a shell of its own, but “borrows” shells.
A new exhibition shines a light on Eric Gill’s little-known younger brother, one of the greatest map-makers of the 20th century who designed iconic maps for the Tube and the lettering on war graves
When Lego announced earlier this year that it would be releasing a series of Simpsons minifigures, most fans of the show (or of Legos) figured they’d just be putting Homer or Apu or Nelson Muntz in a generic brick-based environment..
As outlandish proposals to tame Leeds’ lethal wind-tunnel tower are unveiled, we look at how architects have dealt with other epic fails
It’s not easy to translate 20 years of an artist’s work into a single book. It’s even harder if that artist happens to prefer the more ephemeral mediums of artistry.
They command spectacular prices—but is a chair designed by an architect really any better than one by a furniture designer? Ruth Metzstein talks to the people putting bums on seats
Ever thought of making a home out of a disused railway carriage, or a converted aircraft? Or what about building a wall out of shredded tyres?
A policy of legalising unplanned structures if they meet minimum standards means new arrivals to the Vietnamese capital can build homes without official permission, and get basic services
Buildings With a Past

Buildings With a Past

New York has always been a place where people could start over, reinvent, try something new. Buildings have been no different.
We once built tall structures to get closer to the heavens, literally closer. We arranged buildings to align with celestial phenomena, with gods.
Architect Chris Downey is standing next to a pile of Sheetrock, balancing a white cane in the air like a tightrope walker's pole.
Fism / KELUN

Fism / KELUN

Located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, this old wooden house from 1937 was in a tough state to live in for this young couple.
The Soviet system failed in practice, and now 23 years after its collapse the physical remains of Communism are crumbling as well.
Rachel Yoka believes parking can be more than what some might call a necessary evil.
The mainland's enthusiastic construction of towers is leading to the use of building methods which are cleaner and even anti-pollution
Another emerging option for festival goers: Booking a pod in one of these funky honeycomb hotels. This odd-looking structure is called a B-And-Bee.
From New York's forgotten World Fair site to an entire island evacuated amid a volcanic eruption: The most jaw-dropping abandoned spots around the world revealed

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