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The Blue Award, an international competition for students of architecture, urbanism and regional planning, and also – in 2016 in its fourth edition – of civil engineering
The Bee Breeders Rome Concrete Poetry Hall is calling for submissions for an exhibition space dedicated to the poetry that can be created with concrete.
Architects and architecture offices in Europe are called upon to submit their completed projects for consideration for the "best architects 17" Award by 31 May 2016
This is a theoretical competition, the building can be located anywhere in any country as, unlike many of our other architecture competitions, the Cannabis Bank does not have a specific site selected.
The competition looks at offering a wide range of architectural proposals that might transform this uninhabited island into a campus of excellence open to citizens and tourists joining here several cultural, sport and leisure activities.
Seoul Metropolitan Government holds an international competition in order to establish a Music-led cultural complex until 2018
The aim of the “Sleeping” competition is to develop a design proposals for the hotel typology, intended as a place to sleep.
Participants are tasked with submitting ideas for an internet museum which shows both the history of the internet, as well as acting as a platform to discuss and workshop its future
An international open ideas competition for architecture students and young architects is initiated to research the new housing concepts for the future of the post-war Syria.
Call for ideas and visions of a Ugandan LGBT youth centre that will act as an asylum for those young people who are no longer welcome in their own homes.
This is a single stage Ideas Competition with the aim of identifying the best proposal for a Cultural Building Refurbishment in Lido Island - Venice, Italy.
Nka Foundation announces a call for entries for its 4th Earth Architecture Competition: Designing a School for Ghana
The 2016 RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship has launched and is inviting applications from schools of architecture around the world
ORTE Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich offers a studio apartment in Krems as well as a scholarship financed by the Federal Province of Lower Austria
AZURE welcomes architects, landscape architects, designers, students, clients and manufacturers to submit to the 6th annual AZ AWARDS competition

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