Chipperfield: Brexit would isolate us

Chipperfield: Brexit would isolate us

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Chipperfield: brexit would isolate us

David Chipperfield has spoken out in favour of remaining in the European Union

In a comment written exclusively for the AJ, the Stirling Prize-winning architect has said that leaving the EU would isolate the UK from the rest of the world.

‘If we accidentally complete our isolation from Europe, please don’t let us imagine that this creates a new openness to the rest of the world – isolation is isolation. We would not only give up the distinct practical advantages of collaboration but the social, political and intellectual advantages too’, he said.

Chipperfield, who has offices in London, Berlin, Milan and Shanghai, has hit out at politicians for failing to articulate the cultural significance of the European Union.

‘The European Union is a political, social and cultural project. In the UK our politicians have always been reluctant to articulate this; therefore the rhetoric has for tactical reasons been limited to commercial criteria and has avoided explicit philosophical and political debate’, commented Chipperfield. […]


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