How to Choose the Perfect Fence for Your Property

How to Choose the Perfect Fence for Your Property

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Everyone is accustomed to seeing fences everywhere they look, but did you know that according to UK law there are few obligations to erect a fence? There are some instances where fences are legally required but typically there are no obligations so it becomes a matter of why you want a fence in the first place. If you are in the process of choosing the perfect fence for your property, here are a few things to consider.

How to choose the perfect fence for your property

Cosmetic vs Functional

Although most homeowners opt for a cosmetic fence that adds visual appeal to their property, those fences often have a function as well. Sometimes fences are erected around the borders of the property to draw boundary lines and other times those fences are there to keep intruders out as well. Not only do they serve to keep trespassers off your property but a fence that is constructed high enough can keep passers-by from peering in.

What Type of Fence Is Best Suited to Your Needs?

There are a number of different types of fencing materials on the market but the typical fences in the UK are stone masonry, wood and metal wire fences. Which type of fence best suits your needs? If you have a home, you are probably looking at stone or wooden fences but anyone with farmland needs to construct a fence to keep livestock in. When herds are located by a roadway, fences to keep animals in are mandatory.

These are typically wire fences that can be installed and maintained by the landowner with the proper tools and welding equipment available at Foster Industrial. If you’ve a large area that needs to be fenced, you just might want to purchase the tools you’ll need for regular maintenance. You can get a hefty fine if your cattle stray onto the road so weighing that against the cost of the fence and equipment explains why so many farmers and cattlemen opt to install their own.

Initial Cost and Upkeep

When choosing the type of fence you want to have erected, you should not only consider the initial cost but also the cost to keep it properly maintained. Each fence type has its pros and cons but for homes, wooden fences are said to be the cheapest. Wire fences can be inexpensive if you build and maintain them yourself but stone walls / fences are not only costly to install but costly to maintain as well. Few people are stone masons so finding a company to build and maintain a stone fence could be out of your reach financially.

The final consideration is in terms of durability. Which type of fence will do what you need it to do for the longest period of time? No one wants to pay for an installation only to pay again a few years down the road. Once you have decided between a cosmetic fence and a functional fence and have weighed the pros and cons of cost, it’s time to get down to the business of choosing which best suits your needs.

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