Common Plumbing Problems

    Common Plumbing Problems

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    If you’ve ever wondered what the most common plumbing problems are, you’re in for a treat as we have a list of the top four most widespread plumbing breakdowns in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – and some of these may surprise you. We’ve also included information on how to tackle or treat each of these problems should they ever occur in your home. Without further ado, here are the top four plumbing problems in and around Toronto Ontario:

    1. Leaky Faucets

    Most people who read this article will likely be nodding their head in unison when they read this entry – almost everyone has encountered a leaky faucet in their lifetime, if not in their own home then at their work, school, or another public place. Leaky faucets are caused by the washers, which are needed to create a watertight seal on your faucet, degrading over time. These washers can become torn, loose, or even fall off completely. It is a seemingly simple fix to replace the washer; however, it can actually be quite challenging without specialty plumbing tools to do this, and depending on the type of faucet you have and the extent of the damage, may involve additional work. We recommend calling in a highly rated professional like Mister Plumber in Toronto to fix it for you.

    Common Plumbing Problems

    2. Dripping Pipes

    In a similar vein to leaky faucets, leaky or dripping pipes are equally common (and annoying) in the household. Drips and leaks tend to occur along the joints of pipes, as that is where the pipe is the weakest. For a temporary fix, you can opt for joint fillers and fitting compounds to seal the joint, while a long-term fix may require a full pipe replacement. If you find you do need a full pipe replacement, you should call in a professional like Mister Plumber, or another highly rated plumbing company in your area to tackle to pipe replacement, as it could be incredibly tricky depending on the extent of the damage.

    3. Running Toilets

    If your toilet just won’t seem to stop running, or if you have to constantly wiggle the toilet handle to make it behave, you might need to replace the inner components of your toilet. Since there are a lot of minerals in water like calcium or iron, these minerals can eventually build up in the filter and inner workings of your toilet, making them behave poorly. You should be able to pick up a repair kit at your local hardware store that will work for most standard toilets and they tend to be easy to install.

    4. Clogged Drains

    If water is flowing down your drain slowly or not at all, you likely have a clogged drain. A plumbing snake can be picked up from a local hardware store for relatively cheap, and is quite easy to use. If you continue to have clogged drain problems; however, you should call in a professional plumber.

    Leaky faucets and low water pressure may be annoying; however, they’re likely not going to destroy your home. That said, when a problem is easily fixed, there is no reason to endure it longer than absolutely necessary, especially when that problem, in the case of the leaky faucet, could end up adding quite a bit of money to your water bill each month. Take the time to make sure your pipes and plumbing accessories are functioning correctly and your pocketbook will surely thank you later.


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