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The A’ Design Award is the leading international award in the design field, renown to provide an unparalleled competitive platform to innovators, designers, and architects across the globe. Featured Image @ Xiangshawan Desert Lotus Hotel Irrespective of the type of design or...
The A’ Design Award is the leading international award today for designers, innovators, and architects of all fields. It aims to be a platform for them to showcase their talent through their work, and it caters to a global...
The world's most sought after international design competition, the A' Design Award, is finally here, and the last date for entries is the 28th of February. In search of the best innovation, art, design, and creativity from across the world,...
The A’ Design Award provides a competitive platform to architects, designers, and innovators across all design and architecture fields. They get to be in the spotlight and showcase their skills in front of a global audience. Although there are...
The 2A Continental Architectural Awards was established to honour and celebrate the achievements in architecture and Urban Design. Founded by Ahmad Zohadi and organised by 2A magazine and 2A Academy of Innovative Ideas in Architecture, the 2ACAA 2022 endorses...
Eleven’s seventh international architecture & design competition asks you to imagine a post-disaster life-saving shelter concept. Eleven has announced their latest ideas and design open competition: ‘Shelter 48: Emergency Life Support Design’. The magazine’s latest challenge calls on creatives from...
Think Brave  All humanity’s potential lies within the mind. Ideas are a testament to this fact. They change how we live, how we interact, how we feel. Ideas are everything. So now it’s time to show us yours. Balmond Studio's annual Re-Think...
Think you’ve got what it takes to design the cities of tomorrow?
Eleven launches their sixth international architecture & design competition to design a Planetarium of the future
This international one-stage competition invites architects to develop and submit designs of a Site Sanctuary located on the powerful natural scenery of Monsanto, Portugal
The Stone Barn Meditation Camp architecture competition is a partnership with SRED property developers to create a multipurpose recreational space
Call for Submission - Hong Kong Pixel Homes

Call for Submission – Hong Kong Pixel Homes

Design a pilot-phase concept for affordable housing within Hong Kong, which can be easily rolled out to increase the capacity of housing stock and is minimal in its use of land and materials.
Azure Awards 2017

Call for Submission – Azure Awards 2017

The AZ Awards continues to offer a unique opportunity for designers and architects to receive the international acknowledgement that their exceptional work deserves
Call for Submission - BIOMIMICRY

Call for Submission – BIOMIMICRY

Eleven Magazine seeks nature-inspired designs in the fields of Architecture, Design, Technology and Fashion that showcase innovation and biomimicry practices.
Radical Innovation, a platform promoting disruptive, industry changing ideas within the hotel space, announces the opening of the annual Radical Innovation Award for 2017
The RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship 2017 has been launched inviting applications from schools of architecture around the world ...
Whether social or structural, evidentiary or technical, the idea of support in architecture today has proliferated such that its role is obscured ...
Call for Proposals: Folly/Function 2017

Call for Proposals: Folly/Function 2017

A design/build competition organized by The Architectural League and Socrates Sculpture Park

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