Concepts and Names to Follow in the HVAC Industry

    Concepts and Names to Follow in the HVAC Industry

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    Thinking about the entire context with the global warming, we soon come to the conclusion that the air conditioning machine is one of the most important devices in our homes. However, it’s not an easy task to choose the right business to install it for you, to maintain the HVAC system in proper working conditions and so on. As such, here you have some concepts and names that you should be following in this industry.

    Concepts and Names to Follow in the HVAC Industry

    AC Research

    AC Research is a company that came with an interesting concept. They designed a misting system for the residential HVAC systems that is controlled by a computer. Basically, it works by spraying water vapors around the air conditioner. This tricks it into thinking that the temperature is not that high, and it uses less energy in order to work. As such, there will be less hot air in the room for the AC to chill.


    Whether you heard or not about this company, it is extremely important to know what it can do. The team here developed an air conditioner based on solar energy. It captures heat just like a solar thermal power plant, and then it uses it as a replacement for natural gas. Thus it boils the refrigerant, which is then re-condensed and used at low temperatures to create cool air. It simply relies on an evaporation-condensation cycle.

    Ice Energy

    Another concept, with a simpler way of functioning than the previous one, is the one devised by Ice Energy. The device they have creates ice when power is cheaper, which is during the night. Then it stores the energy and it uses to run the AC. In this way you don’t need to stick your head in the refrigerator when you’re suffocating from the heat.

    Maglev Technology

    Though this is not the name of the company, it refers to the same type of technology that is used in Japan in order to make trains float and thus, move faster. The same concept lies behind the way in which compressors are run, thus saving on energy and offering a greater performance.


    This is a very important tip if you want to know how to save up money and energy. The first thing you should do is to look up a company in this field, such as National Air Warehouse. After you reach their website, you should be hunting for package deals that can save you money. Moreover, many professionals include both heating and cooling solutions, and if you buy them from the same provider, you may end up paying less. What’s more interesting, they can actually help you with useful advice and professional tips if you are interested in their offer.


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