Continuous-discrete / ARCHIEE

Continuous-discrete / ARCHIEE

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Continuous-discrete / archiee

The project is based on a simple grid of Phillips screws that form the system for displaying the merchandise. There are a total of 377 screws, each having been individually screwed by hand in its allocated point. Each screw is accompanied by a simple clip, which allows the merchandise to be hung to the wall.

Continuous-discrete / archiee

• Flexibility of the layout
The grid enables the boutique great flexibility with regard to the display of the merchandise. Depending on the scale of the object to be displayed, a single screw or a cluster of screws can be utilized. The products are to be displayed in specific, yet fluid, categories in order to convey a narrative to the customer.

• Composition of the space
In order to fulfill the grid, the project comprises of expansive and continuous wall surfaces. There are two discernible surfaces. The first surface is a smooth undulating surface that, being placed over the strange existing shape of the boutique, plays two fundamental roles, that of creating a minimal internal surface and that of directing the customer around the space. The second surface is a planar intervention that covers an existing concrete column and a steel column which are awkwardly close to each other. This makes use of what would otherwise be wasted space and also simplifies and facilitates the circulation around the boutique. To maximize space further, the cash register for the boutique is found within this planar intervention.

Continuous-discrete / archiee

• Facade
The façade of the boutique has been kept as minimal as possible in order to create a dialogue between the interior and exterior space. As such, the facade becomes the initial boundary of the continuous undulating surface.

Continuous-discrete / archiee

• Merchandise control
In order to identify the merchandise on display, each screw has a unique identification number printed next to it. This allows the boutique to keep track of the display, stocking, and selling of each item of merchandise. This identification number is purposefully kept visible on the wall as delicate decoration.

Project Details:
Location: Paris, France
Type: Commercial Public
Architects: ARCHIEE
Architect: Yusuke KINOSHITA (ARCHIEE)
Architect: Daisuke SEKINE (ARCHIEE)
Date: 2011
Area: 60m²
Type: interior
Program: shop
Photo Credit: Ryo Suzuki


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