Cool Must-Have Furnishings Ideas for the Modern Living Room


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Modern design seems to stay in perpetual style, long after other trends have come and gone. And why not? It’s classic without ever feeling outdated; utilitarian without taking itself too seriously.

When it comes to the living room, for example, there’s a reason that people are still clamoring to re-create mid-century modern design. Is it ever going to get any better than settling back into an Eames chair and reading your favorite book? Probably not! As the saying goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Why mess with the furniture and aesthetics that have worked for decades?

Looking to scratch your modern interior design itch? Start with these four must-have furnishings for your living room:

Geometric Tables

Sure, a plain, rectangular coffee table holds your magazines and your coasters just fine. But where’s the pizzazz? If you want to bring some energy and irregularity to the space, try a triangular, kidney-shaped or hexagonal table in wood or plastic. It’s also worthwhile to remember that a table doesn’t have to have four symmetrical sides and four uniform legs; sometimes a quirky base or rounded glass top inexplicably works wonders.

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Iconic Chairs

Remember jimmying your sofa through your narrow doorway when you first moved into your house? You’re in no hurry to repeat that experience. So, what can you do to take your living room seating arrangement to the next level? Add a chair, of course! But not just any chair. Add an iconic modern chair from one of the tried-and-true furniture designers of yesteryear.

Whether you choose a Papa Bear chair by Hans Wegner or an Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen, this special seat will provide visual pop from the second you step into the room. These chairs have undeniable flair—curves in all the right places, crisp corners when it’s called for and a fusion of natural and synthetic materials that is truly a pleasure to behold.

Plus, a chair is an investment that you know will get constant use. Yes, these chairs look like something that might be on display in a museum or in the lobby of a trendy hotel. But believe it or not, they’re made for ample use. When you welcome your guests in and ask them to take a seat, you’ll really mean it.







Eye-Catching Floor Lamps

Living room chairs and modern floor lamps go hand-in-hand. Not only will a well-placed light fixture illuminate the sculptural qualities of your chosen chair, but it will also help you complete your nightly crosswords without straining your eyes.

The good news is that even as far as modern design sensibilities go, you have endless options. You can break up a room full of flat surfaces with a gracefully curved reading lamp that overhangs your furniture, or you can make the ceilings look higher with a bright torchiere lamp. The choice is yours.



Sleek Sideboards

Nothing encapsulates the wonderful form-meets-function mantra of modernism like a sleek, wooden sideboard against the wall. Not only will it whisk you away to the land of Mad Men-era cocktail parties, but it will also help you keep your living room unencumbered by clutter by providing that little bit of extra storage that you need.

Try hanging a circular mirror above your wooden sideboard for contrast, and place a few of your favorite books and plants on top to give it some warmth. You’ll be surprised at what you can do with this simple (yet versatile) piece in your living space!

Half the battle of creating the perfect modern living room is just putting in place the staples. Start with a chair, a floor lamp, a sideboard and a creative coffee table and you’re well on your way to design greatness.



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