How to Create a Stylish and Practical Kitchen

How to Create a Stylish and Practical Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of most homes. As dining rooms become less widely used, the kitchen has become a true family space. It’s a place where we entertain, and spend time cooking, creating and laughing with our loved ones. Your kitchen needs to be practical and functional. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be stylish and reflect your personality.

How to create a stylish and practical kitchen

Keep it Tidy

The first thing a practical and stylish kitchen needs to be is tidy. Keeping your kitchen tidy not only helps make it look great, it also keeps you safe and makes your life much easier. It can be very easy for mess to build up in a room that gets so much use, so try to think of ways to make keeping it tidy as easy as possible. Make sure everything has a home, and consider investing in a large dishwasher.

Add Color

Adding some color to your kitchen can be a fantastic way to make it a more social area. Light, bright colors can improve your mood and help you to feel energized and relaxed.

Keep it Simple

No matter how clean you are, kitchens get greasy. There’s no avoiding it. So, keeping accessories and clutter to a minimum is a good idea. It also makes it much easier to navigate and find what you need when you are busy creating your next culinary masterpiece.

Clever Storage

Be clever with your space. Add storage where you can. Things like drawer dividers are easy to make yourself and can be a great asset when it comes to keeping your kitchen both stylish and practical. When designing your storage, think about what you need. If you’ve got young children, you might want to keep heavy pots and pans out of their reach. You won’t want food kept near radiators or hot water pipes, and you will want your utensils close to your main cooking area.


There are so many kitchen appliances available today. You can get them to help with everything. But, you don’t need them all. There will be some things you prefer doing by hand. To keep a stylish kitchen, get only those appliances you need and will use. Buy them in matching colors where you can, and consider spending more on those that you are going to use regularly.

Use the Height

If you’ve got a smaller kitchen space or a lot of kitchen equipment, make sure you utilize the height of the room. Have a tall, thin refrigerator, and cupboards all the way to the ceiling. Remember, you won’t need everything all the time. Store things you don’t use as often on the top shelves, or use them as a display area.

Let Light in

Blinds are a great option in kitchens as they’re easy to keep clean and resistant to stains. Keep them open as much as you can and let natural sunlight in. A bright, airy kitchen is often a happy, well-used kitchen.

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