Critical Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Renovation Company

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    We all love the idea of renovating our homes. But the reality of a remodel or even building an entirely new home is that it is a lot of hard work. It’s also a massive investment – of your money, time, and emotions.

    It is crucial, then, that you hire the right people for the job. And while there are many tips out there on how to choose the right firm, we thought it would be a good idea to be more specific. What questions can you ask of a renovation company to ensure they are the right choice?

    We’ve put together a few basic ideas for you so that you can glean as much info as possible from your potential contractors. Notice that all these questions are open-ended – you want the company to talk. We firmly advise you go down this route, too, so that you can make a better judgement. Read on to find out more.

    Holiday house

    How will you ensure practicality?

    While choosing a renovation company that promises you an incredible space can be tempting, it’s not always your best option. According to, there should be a few things at the top of your list. Functionality, practicality, and energy-efficiency are the buzzwords you need to hear. There is no point in a beautiful kitchen that you leaves you no space for cooking preparation, for example.

    How long is the schedule?

    Home renovations can have an incredibly disruptive influence on your life. You might have to move out or go without a basic kitchen for several months. There is a lot to plan, and you have to have an idea of the length of time things will take. Sequencing your life around the work can take time, and it will also give you some serious headaches. So, ask your contractor how long it will take them. And, hold them to account if they get things wrong without a proper excuse.

    Who are your contractors?

    Some renovation companies do everything in-house. Others will hire subcontractors. It is advisable to ask any business who you are considering to explain who they are. You can then do your checks and decide on whether their whole service will be good enough for the job.

    What protections do you use?

    You won’t want to start a big renovation project without knowledge that your property will be safe. According to, you should ask your contractor what they do to keep your home in perfect condition. Do they include any other safety procedures because you have kids? Will they ensure that the banging and drilling won’t cause books and vases from your shelving throughout the house?

    What problems do you foresee?

    All houses are different and will have differing problem areas. Therefore, if your contractor is 100% confident, it can often be a warning sign. Asking them about potential problems is a great way to check out their honesty and experience. In any given project, there will always be a few issues that present builders with a challenge. And, a little up-front questioning will ensure you choose the best option.

    Hope this has helped – let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!



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