Crowdfunding Dream Architecture

Crowdfunding Dream Architecture

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The Urban Rec-Center

Sometimes a building has everything but funding behind it. Imagine that new recreation center in downtown’s metropolitan center. It’s got new design, and amenities to help keep the local kids out of trouble. Urban environments tend to encourage violence, crime, and subsequent post-incarceration recidivism. But a recreation center where kids can get their energy out in a public atmosphere that’s monitored by employees ends up saving those at-risk youth from worse gang activity. Additionally, it can create jobs for people in the local area.

Crowdfunding dream architecture

From buying the land, to hiring construction workers so that the new recreation center can be built, to staffing the completed building, there are potentially hundreds of jobs involved in such a project. But securing funding to get the ball rolling can be really hard, and that’s one reason many people are moving to crowdfunding solutions like, among others. If you’ve got that great architectural solution for a local community, but you’re having trouble getting it off the ground, following are a few tips to help you realize your goals.

Brand Awareness

Your individual architecture project isn’t a brand, but the same techniques big-ticket organizations use to build public awareness can be brought to bear in your case. The best way to do this is over the web. Set yourself a realistic crowdfunding goal, then go about building awareness for it. Some popular ways to do that are through PPC campaigns (Pay Per Click), as well as billboards and local advertisement.

Finding youth organizations and public works facilities (like the salvation army, or the town’s local homeless mission) can likewise help acquire the attention of big-ticket donors. Mail-in adverts and door-to-door solicitation certainly have their place as well; though these methods have much less return for the investment you put into them.

Combining Multiple Techniques

One of the best ways to get a crowdfunding campaign off the ground is to wait until you have built up a supportive audience before trying to raise “X” amount of dollars in “X” amount of time. Content marketing is a great way to do this.

Consider Lovaganza. This is a worldwide technological event set to usher in a new kind of cinema. Now this group has been developing content and distributing it for the better part of four years, and it appears as though they’ll continue with this marketing strategy well into the future.

If you’ve got an architectural project on the back-burner that requires funding, it makes sense to start building awareness for it as soon as you possibly can. By hiring a group like YN Digital Boston, you will be able to distribute Search Engine Optimized content across the internet. This content will help to increase your Search Engine Rank Page (SERP) results, and so more people will be made aware of what you’re trying to do. By targeted marketing approaches like this which yet have the ability to reach disparate demographics, you maximize your crowdfunding possibilities.

Crowdfunding dream architecture

Since the world is quickly becoming a global community, and the internet is a global phenomenon, you can even get some donation support from without the country, if you play your cards right. What you’ll want to do is build a huge following before you start your crowdfunding campaign.

If approached correctly, you may be able to raise enough money to get your architectural project off the ground, providing jobs for the community and a safe haven where at-risk youth can go to avoid throwing away their futures on some peer-related escapade of adolescent stupidity. Understanding modern marketing can get you the funding you need.

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