Daniel Libeskind: Architecture that touches the heart and soul

Daniel Libeskind: Architecture that touches the heart and soul

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Daniel libeskind: architecture that touches the heart and soul

Many people don’t see architecture as important, even very smart people. They leave it to somebody else.

But to me, there’s nothing more important than architecture. It creates your world and influences how you feel both mentally and spiritually.

So, if you live in a horrible place, you’ll be impaired mentally. Let’s say you live in a dark environment with no windows and with nothing but a blank wall behind you. You’d be in a prison, and that would have a detrimental impact on your mental health.

The most neutral architecture is often the most aggressive. But in buildings that move us, there’s an element of care. It’s not a question of whether a building makes us feel good or bad. It’s about being moved. That’s what the word emotion means. What we feel is the sense of intensity, passion and involvement. It’s something that goes very deep.

Look at a Frank Gehry building, for instance, and you can see the love and care and infinite labor it took to bend that piece of steel. You can see it in high-tech architecture like that of Norman Foster, the love for an incredible suspended piece of glass and how difficult it is to make a piece of glass look like it’s floating. It’s also why people love going to old medieval towns or beautiful villages — because they inspire us to feel moved. []

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