David Chipperfield thoughts on Berlin and architecture

David Chipperfield thoughts on Berlin and architecture

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David chipperfield thoughts on berlin and architecture

David Chipperfield has shaped the face of the new Berlin. He told DW how he sees the city – and why architecture shouldn’t be such a competitive sport.

David Chipperfield’s rebuilding of the New Museum is being celebrated and his ideas are flowing into the development of the Museum Island section of the city. Currently, he’s working on the foyer of the museum ensemble in Berlin’s historic downtown district and the renovation of Mies van der Rohe’s legendary National Gallery.

DW’s Rainer Traube, from the weekly culture show Arts.21, met up with the star architect in Berlin.

Why it’s ok that Berlin is perpetually unfinished
At a time when you had the feeling that all cities are somehow done, Berlin feels like a work in progress. It’s a city of gaps. Physical gaps and conceptual gaps. I think this is why people find it accessible.

Where gentrification is kept in check
Half of the street where I live is Plattenbau [Eds: A pre-fab building made of concrete slabs], and to be honest, it doesn’t worry me at all because it respects the street structure. And there’s a certain social continuity. If it was not a Plattenbau, it would be more susceptible to gentrification. But it has a certain resistance. There’s not much gentrification you can do to Plattenbau. []

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