Dealing With Frames That Are Over or Undersized

Dealing With Frames That Are Over or Undersized

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Not all things need to be disposed off when they have been used up ones. There are things that you can recycle and reuse in your home without even having to do any hard work. If you cannot make it, you can at least resize or even remodel it to suit your needs from time to time.

Dealing with frames that are over or undersized

From time to time, you come across those annoying frames that do not seem to fit the photo you have in mind. They are either too large or too small for the photo to fit comfortably without any compromises. These could either be picture frames that you purchased or some that you found at home or which were previously being used for some other photos that are no longer hanged up there. Some of these frames might be quite expensive and so getting rid of them is not an option. You need to find some ways of recycling them and reusing them again with other photos that you might want to hang in the near future. The following are some of the ways that you can deal with frames that are either too small or too large to fit a picture:

• Oversize Frames
If you happen to have a frame that is too large for your picture, there are two ways that you can deal with these. First you can just use the picture frame as it is and just add a mat at the back of the picture to hold in place. You should use a mat that is not too distracting so that all the attention is drown to the picture and not its surroundings. The other option is to resize the frames till they are of the best size for the pictures you have. The best and easies frames to resize are those that are made of wood since those that are made of metal can be a bit time consuming and plus you need to know how to weld (Although you can have a professional do it for you for a fee). Then there are plastic frames which will have to take a very long process to resize.

• Undersize Frames
When it comes to undersized frames of whatever materials, you only have two options; you either resize the photo or you use the frame for another picture. If the photo is already fully occupied, you can just crop it and make it a bit smaller for it to fit in the frame. If the photo cannot be cropped anymore, just save the picture frame for another picture that will be of that size. It could be unwise to try and cut down a small frame since the chances of destroying it are way higher than those of making a bigger better frame out of it.

• Space Sharing
If you are having a problem with a big picture frame and all you have are small pictures you can use the frame without trying to cut it down into smaller frames. Just find several pictures that belong to the same group of people or even an event and display them on that one large frame. You will of course need a mat to hold them all in place, but the results will be well worth it.

Whichever picture frame you decide to use, the size, the material and even the design does not really matter as much as the memories portrayed by the photo it holds.


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