Deciding Between 3 Types of Replacement Windows—Wood, Vinyl, and Aluminium

Deciding Between 3 Types of Replacement Windows—Wood, Vinyl, and Aluminium

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Deciding between 3 types of replacement windows—wood, vinyl, and aluminium

There are several reasons that you may need to supplant the windows in your home. After a couple of decades, your frames can begin to show wear and tear due to a number of reasons such as weather damage. It may also simply be time for new frames as the older ones may be outdated or unattractive.

It can be quite difficult to choose replacement windows, particularly if you were not involved in the building of your home. The most common types of materials used in window substitution are wood, vinyl, and aluminium. To make the choice a little easier, here are the pros and cons of using such supplies for your windows:

Wood is one of the most expensive options among the three materials. This is because it usually lasts alot longer than the other types of windows. With the right amount of care, the wood frames can last for more than three decades. In certain instances, the warranty for this material is even higher than that. There is a great deal of upkeep that needs to go into wood, however. It has to be painted often and protected from the elements. You do have the added bonus of having creative freedom when choosing wood.

Vinyl is a popular choice when it comes to windows. One of the reasons is because it is a lot cheaper than wood. It is also incredibly proficient at insulating a home. In Newmarket windows require this kind of insulating properties as it can get quite cold in the winter. In addition to keeping your home warm, you will also be able to lower your utility bills. It is also incredibly low maintenance and requires minimum care. Vinyl does not necessarily last as long as wood, however. It may need to be replaced sooner than the former material. It can still last to between fifteen and twenty years.

Aluminium costs even less than vinyl. Aluminium windows are particularly popular in regions that are quite warm. This is because they can withstand a great deal of heat without damage or warping. It is these properties that make aluminium ideal for the areas that experience a great deal of storms. Impact-resistant aluminium in particular, is extremely good with remaining intact even through the most dangerous of storms. Thus, this is a great option if you frequently are exposed to bad weather.

The Ideal Choice
To decide which material is best to replace your current windows, you must first consider your requirements as well as the climate in your region. You can then compare the features of these windows against your needs. This will help you to narrow down the choices. Each of these materials have their benefits as well as their disadvantages. If you are still uncertain, you can always ask for recommendations from local window stores or even your neighbours. What worked for them will also work for you.

You should carefully consider your options as you will want your new windows to last as long as possible.


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