Did Suburbia Fail?

Did Suburbia Fail?

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Did suburbia fail?

The Pet Shop Boys portrayed it as a violent and unpleasant place, Chevrolet produced a best-selling sport utility vehicle to celebrate it and the lion’s share of TV series and movies of the late 20th century has used it as a backdrop. Born in the US, the suburbanisation is now a global phenomenon. We have surrendered our cities to it. Millions of people are now living ‘below the city’. However, the peripheral parts of the urban world still don’t receive the same credits as our inner cities. Suburbia is no downtown or uptown. And although inhabited by millions of people, suburbia is still no bestseller. Sprawling McMansions are losing to hipster condos. Big brands and starchitects are not interested in the banlieues and the new towns. But is the popular vision of monotonous streets and blocks with nearly identical houses, and the popular belief that suburbia is a boring and alienating place, an everyday reality or urban myth?

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