Dissident Architects Can Leak Building Plans on This Dark Web Site

Dissident Architects Can Leak Building Plans on This Dark Web Site

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Dissident architects can leak building plans on this dark web site

Every new high rise tells a tale of winners and losers. In today’s cities, the winners are often investors who have the cash to finance a condo in a rundown area, and the losers are the people whose rents skyrocket well past the point of affordability.

Concrete Action is a site that aims to level the playing field by giving dissident architects a way to securely and anonymously leak building plans to the public. The site, which launched today, also contains information on how the city planning process works so that activists can understand what they’re up against when a developer announces another high-rent property in a low income area.

Concrete Action is currently based in the UK, where rising rents have gotten so bad that some charities have said the housing crisis is a breach of human rights. Last year, a group of single mothers in London facing eviction protested the so-called “regeneration” project forcing them out. In short, a full-blown housing movement is underway.

“We saw a need for getting more resources to these sorts of initiatives, rather than all resources, expertise, and funding being in the hands of developers,” said Cleo, a co-founder of Concrete Action who wished to remain anonymous, citing professional concerns. “If you live in a city, you’re likely familiar with the trend: international investors are pouring a lot of money into property, and that is forcing other people who live in the city to move further and further out.” []


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