Dos and Don’ts When Designing Garden Pergolas

Dos and Don’ts When Designing Garden Pergolas

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The garden pergola is really popular these days as an outdoor space addition. The structures are both a focal point of the yard or garden and a useful addition. You can use the pergolas to support vines and gathering with your friends will be cozier.

Nowadays it is not at all difficult to buy a really beautiful garden pergola kit and prices are lower than they ever were. However, this does not mean you want to buy the first pergola you like and you find at a good price. In order to help you make a better choice, here are some pretty useful dos and don’ts to always take into account.

Dos and don’ts when designing garden pergolas


For starters, see if there is a need to get a permit or if there are some conditions that have to be met before the pergola is built. There are some laws that may appear based on where you live. Regulations always differ from a municipality to the next. Check before you start the project to avoid many unwanted situations.

A really important part of the design process is deciding where the pergola will be placed. The decision should be based on intended uses, the sun amount that appears and what the weather is like on a yearly basis. See if the pergola is to be placed close to the home or in another area.

In the event that the pergola is going to be used as support structure for a vining plant, you have to choose the plant before the pergola. You will want to choose the plan that does not attract wasps or bees. Also, if there are some young children around, it is a good idea to avoid the plants that have sharp thorns. Accidental scrapes and cuts can happen.


It is extremely dangerous to place the pergola in an area that shows water pipes, gas pipes and electrical wiring. Contacting local authorities that can tell you details about local utilities is normally a necessity. It is not hard to find such hazards as they need to be declared at all times. The only problem is that it will take around 7 days to get the information you need.

A common mistake in the design of pergolas is choosing one that is of the wrong size. It is obvious that a really large one or a pergola that is too small for how much space is available would end up looking horrible. The pergola has to be an appropriate size to accommodate the guests and furniture for the potential gatherings. At the same time, if the yard is particularly large, see if the size does not make everything look bad.

The last don’t we should highlight is related to the money that you are about to pay. It is quite common to see homeowners that choose a pergola kit that is way too expensive since it is the first one that is found. Look at all the options you can find and consider the quality offered to be sure you choose one that is really good for your current wishes.

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