11 Facts About Eiffel Tower We Bet You Didn’t Know


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A name synonymous to Paris, Eiffel tower is that quintessential landmark which rules the list of must-see places on every Paris itinerary. This architectural jewel in the crown of Paris attracts millions of tourists from different regions of the world who wish to behold its magnificent structure. And if you too feel the magnetism of this famous Iron Lady then wait not and book flights now to get fantastic deals and offers that won’t burn a hole in your pockets and make your trip more affordable.

Now, before you glide your travel jet towards this beauty, we have unearthed these incredible facts about Eiffel Tower we bet you didn’t know. These will help you in enjoying the marvel like a scholar. So, read on and enlighten yourself!

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  1. A Symbol of Celebration

The iconic Eiffwel Tower or La Tour Eiffel as the French call it, was built in 1889 to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution. Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, climbed 1,710 steps to the top of the Eiffel tower to unfurl the French tricolor flag from its peak.

  1. Part of World War I

Eiffel Tower played an essential role in the First World War. It was used to intercept enemy radio communications that were of great help to the nation in capturing and executing Mata Hari who was a German spy.

  1. The Hitler Connection

When Hitler occupied France during World War II, he gave orders to destroy Eiffel Tower, but the orders were not followed by the military governor in charge.  Great Guy, wasn’t he?

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  1. Built for Just 20 Years

It was created to display France’s industrial expertise in 1889 World Fair and was planned to be destroyed after 20 years. Thanks to its role as a valuable radiotelegraph station that the city officials later dropped the idea.

  1. The Secret Chamber

This popular landmark has a secret apartment where Gustave Eiffel used to host famous guest like Thomas Edison. You will be thrilled to know that it now has been opened for tourists.

  1. Engraved With Names

Yeah! Eiffel Tower is covered with the names of 72 French scientists and engineers such as Foucault, Gay-Lussac, Seguin, Fourier, Monge to recognize their tremendous contributions to the nation.

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  1. Six inches

Can you guess what we are going to reveal? No! Well, it’s the amount of size to which it gets expanded due to the heat of the sun.

  1. Lighting up with Grandeur

The towering structure has 20,000 light bulbs that sparkle it at night from nightfall to 1 a.m. However, you will be amazed to know that this Illumination show of the lights is not meant to be photographed. So, beware, or you could be fined for taking its picture and sharing it on social media sites.

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  1. Eiffel Tower is Married!

Believe it or not but an American woman named Erika Aya or you can say Erika Eiffel married the Eiffel Tower in a commitment ceremony in 2007! People say that she has a condition called paraphilia.

  1. Painting the Tower

The tower gets painted every seven years with 60 tons of paint using the traditional method, i.e., with a paint brush and a bucket to save it from corrosion. Eiffel himself said that “the more meticulous the paint job, the longer the Tower shall endure.”

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  1. The Famed One

Its beauty and spectacular architecture attract more than 6 million tourists every year. In 2015, it hosted 6.91 million making it the most-visited paid monument in the world. I’m sure that you want yourself to be the lucky one among those!

Now that you know these quirky, bewildering, yet amazing facts about Eiffel Tower, there is no second thought that you will sip this beauty in your travel list. And if you have already jot it down then do book a flight and explore the Iron Lady of France.

Bon Voyage!

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