Where would you find examples of great Casino architecture?

Chaves Hotel Casino by RDLM Arquitectos Associados, Portugal
Chaves Hotel Casino by RDLM Arquitectos Associados, Portugal

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Chaves hotel casino by rdlm arquitectos associados, portugal
Chaves Hotel Casino by RDLM Arquitectos Associados, Portugal

From the classic Baroque of the late sixteenth century through to the postmodern architecture of the mid twentieth century and the contemporary architecture of today, casinos the world over encompass them all. Here are some iconic examples that are worth a visit even if you are not particularly interested in gambling or if your only experience of doing so is at an online casino. Here are some of the most iconic casino architectures in the world.

The Casino of Monte Carlo is one of the oldest casinos in the world and it is an excellent example of the Belle Époque. It is lavish, grand and atmospheric with probably the most impressive façade of all the casinos.

The Venetian Macau is by contrast a very modern affair. It is the most expensive casino hotel complex ever built and the largest one. It consists of several hotels, four gaming areas and a Venetian style canal winds its way through the complex, breath-taking.

For the most thrilling casino experience in the world visit the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. This must be the one of the most beautiful modern buildings ever built. It consists of three towers which are capped by a huge Sky Park where you can bathe in a 150 metre infinity swimming pool and view the Singapore skyline, an unforgettable experience.

One of many people’s favourite casinos is the Bellagio in Las Vegas. This is without doubt one of the most beautiful casinos you will find on the strip. It has a large lake in front of the building where there are frequent shows of dancing fountains, lights and music. It really is stunning, especially at night.

The Sun City Resort Casino in South Africa is built on a huge scale. The architects had been given the task to create the most opulent casino hotel ever built including a fantasy environment evoking the jungle and continuing many water features. Built like a huge palace, it is now the gambling Mecca of the continent.

Finally in Melbourne, the JackpotCity of Australia, the Crown Casino is located on the bank of the Yarra River. Designed by Daryl Jackson, it has one of the most thrilling casino Atriums ever built and an enormous wow factor.


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