Finding a Reputable Building Inspector in Melbourne

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial commitments you can make, so it’s understandable that many want to make sure everything is 100% perfect before purchasing. This has given rise to the profession of the independent ‘building inspector’, who has the job of assessing the structural integrity of the property among other vital points that could influence a potential buyer as to whether or not they commit to purchasing a particular property. Of course, you want to find a building inspector in Melbourne that is reputable and has your best interests in mind. But what exactly should you be looking for in an ‘above board’ inspector? Here are some important points to consider and be on the lookout for.

Finding a reputable building inspector in melbourne

Full Time vs. Part Time inspectors

While a building inspector who chooses to work part time is not any less reputable than one who works full time, if you compare two Melbourne building inspectors who began their careers together, the full time worker will have put in more hours and would therefore have a better trained eye for spotting potential hazards or structural issues. The full timer could perform 500 to 800 inspections over a calendar year, while the part timer is more likely to hit 200 to 400. An inspector clocking in upwards of 500 assessments a year is also likely to be getting many of them through referrals, which is generally a strong testament to their reputability.


Before hiring a building inspector in Melbourne, you should make sure that they have the right education and training. That being said, their training must be relevant to the building industry for it to be of use in an official building inspection. A house painter, for example, might be able to offer valuable insight into the interior design or colour scheme of the property, but you wouldn’t make them your first point of contact to look over any structural concerns that could put your home at risk. A qualified and experienced home builder, preferably one that might be part of a recognised Australian body, is best suited to a career as a licensed and accredited building inspector.

Finding a reputable building inspector in melbourne

Find Your Own Building Inspector

It’s absolutely crucial that any building inspector you contract to oversee the property you might buy is someone that you have sourced yourself, without any help from an estate agent. If the vendors suggest a particular building inspector in Melbourne, remember their vested interest is in themselves and in selling their property, so they may find an inspector who is more willing to help them achieve their own goal. The vendor’s real estate agent will also be looking forward to a commission upon the closing of a sale, so they too will be looking for a smooth and stress-free inspection process. But you as the potential buyer will be the one who has to live in the property, making it viral that your interests are looked after first and foremost.

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