The time is changing in many ways. Earlier it was very difficult to plan any emergency but with time it is now possible to plan some preventive measures for the possible emergency situation. The better living standards and the changing approach of people towards things have made such preventive measures a reality.

The advancement in the technology is yet another added advantage that has helped in planning the preventive measures. Though these measures may not give complete protection or cannot overcome the occurrence of these harmful hazards, these security aids can help in protecting self and the surrounded properties up to some level.

One such preventive measure that provides certain security against fire is Fire Rated Glass. These glasses have been specially designed for helping the people to be protected against the emergency situation of fire. These glasses are specially designed for the situation of fire to provide the required help and protection to the people and surroundings before an actual help can reach to the place. Let us explore more about these glasses.

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Fire Rated Glass

As the name of the glass goes, the fire rated glasses are the glasses that provide and offer some level of protection against the fire. These glasses may not offer complete protection against the fire but are great to protect the surroundings against the fire for some time. This may sound a bit impossible but these glasses have been so designed that they can withstand fire for some time and can offer to help up to some time.

These glasses are so designed that they may control the fire or cannot extinguish the fire but they certainly can protect the fire to spread from one room to another which controls a lot of mishappening. These glasses play a very important role in restricting the possible damages that may get caused by the fire to a limited space. This is why these glasses are now being used in many office towers today.

Fire Rated Glass in Office Towers

The fire rated glasses are used in as an essential part of many office towers today. The idea of using the fire rated glass in the construction of the office towers is to protect the space from the damaging effects of the fire. The glasses have been made an essential part of the interior and exterior of many office towers.

The idea was generated to use the glass in the office area for protecting the office space from getting damaged by the harm of fire. Since an office tower is a widely spread area and at the time of fire can easily catch many harmful effects, thus, it has become a necessity to use such glasses in the offices today so that the majority of the office space can be protected against the fire.

In general, these glasses can withstand the fire for a longer period of time and therefore, provide some time to the people to handle and take care of the fire without the fear of the fire getting spread to all over the office. The fire rated glass makes the fire to be restricted in a limited space and hence protect the office area for large damages and destruction. The time when the fire is limited in a room due to the fire rated glass can be used by the people to empty the space and take care of the important and valuable belongings.

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How is the fire rated glass being in offices?

Since the fire rated glass has many benefits to offer to the office space, they are widely used in the offices. The glasses have been so designed that they provide a glamorous look to the interior of the office along with providing the desired protection against the fire emergency.

The general glass window or door can withstand a temperature of about 250degree F whereas a tempered glass can stand the extreme temperature of 500degree F and top all the other available glasses, the fire rated glasses provide the protection with a capacity to design a temperature of 1600degree F. this is an extreme temperature that no normal glass can withstand easily.

Since the fire rated glasses are so capable to withstand so high temperature, these glasses are used in all the leading entrances and inter-linking doors in the offices. The reason of using these doors at the entrance is to provide an easy and relaxing exit of the people against the fire situation while the reason of using these glasses against the inter-connections is to protect the fire from spreading from one room to another. This is a very thoughtful manner to protect the ambiance of the office from the severe damages that a fire can cause to the surroundings.

Other than providing the protection against the property of the office, these glass doors are also beneficial when it comes to protecting the lives of the people. Since the glasses can withstand the fire for some time and are used in all the available gates in the offices, these gates can help in protecting the lives of the people by giving them enough time to escape from the surroundings and to reach to a safe place. Thus, these glasses have become a basic necessity in all office areas for protecting the people and the surroundings.

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Earlier, it was not possible to even think of developing and using any such glass that can provide such high level of protection against the dangerous flames of the fire. Now, as the time has changed and we have developed so much with the technologies, it has now become possible to use such fire rated glasses to protect against the harmful effects of the fire and be safe in such emergency situation.

The world is making the best use of such fire rated glasses and is protecting self. When are you planning to use theses glasses in your office for getting fire protection?


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