Five Mason Jar Centrepiece Ideas

    Five Mason Jar Centerpiece Ideas

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    Five Mason Jar Centrepiece Ideas written by: loveforwriting Mason jar are extremely popular right now among people as one can create beautiful mason jar centrepieces by combining them with the several Do-It-Yourself or DIY’ crafts. Apart from being economical and attractive, these centrepieces can be used for several purposes and they are the ideal way to show off one’s creativity.

    Five Mason Jar Centrepiece Ideas

    Tree Slice Centrepiece:

    The mason jars are mounted on the wood tree slices which are kiln dried and has a smooth texture. These centrepieces have an unique look and are a great option for cup and cupcake stands

    Items Required:
    – Wood tree slice
    – Two mason Jars (Use different sizes to add uniqueness)
    – Candle

    Place the mason jars on the wood slice and make sure there is a little gap between them. Put the candle in one of the jars and keep the other jar empty. The other jar can be used as a flower vase or to store small items like keys, notes etc.

    Photo Centrepiece:

    These centrepieces are a new form of photo frames and they are hugely popular in the craft world.

    Items Required:
    – Mason Jar with lid
    – Vegetable Oil
    – Picture
    – Dried Flowers

    Cut the photo as per the shape of the jar and put it inside the jar, fill the whole jar with vegetable oil. Place the dried flowers on the backside of the picture to add a creative touch to the centrepiece and screw the lid back.

    Table Centrepiece:

    Items Required:
    – Four Blue Mason Jars
    – Flowers
    – Water
    – Lantern
    – Candle

    Place the lantern at the centre of the table and put the candle inside the lantern. Place the mason jars around the lantern and add your desired flowers. Fill the jars up with water to keep the flowers fresh or else you can even use fake flowers.

    Floating Candle Centrepiece:

    Items Required:
    – Mason Jars
    – Floating Candles
    – Marbles
    – Gloss Paint
    – Water

    Set the mason jars in the center of the table and add the marbles, make sure the marbles cover the base of the jar. Fill each jar half full of water and gently set the floating candles inside the jars, don’t put more than one candle inside a jar.

    Glitter Centrepiece:

    Items Required:
    – Mason jar
    – Glitter
    – Gloss Spray
    – Glue
    – Brushes
    – Newspaper

    Apply glue all over the mason jar with brushes and paint an even coating of glue over the entire exterior area of the mason jar. Pour the glitter on the jar covering one side at time till the whole jar is covered with glitter. After a while when the jar has dried, use the brush to dust off any loose glitter. And when the jar gets dry and glitter free you need to apply the gloss paint, spray paints are a better choice. Though three coats of the top gloss paint is usually enough, a lot of the top gloss paint ensures a shed-free centrepiece. One can even choose to add flowers and in that case he’ll need to pour in some water first.

    All these centrepieces can be made by anyone and they require very limited resources. Apart from being economical they can help someone change the whole ambience of the room.


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