Five steps for tackling housing affordability in Sydney

Five steps for tackling housing affordability in Sydney

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Five steps for tackling housing affordability in sydney

Housing pornography has returned to Sydney. This is where your dinner party guests get really stimulated when discussing the explosion in house prices in the Emerald City and the wealth effect this represents for them. Better still, this particular coitus doesn’t seem as likely to be interrupted as soon as the other kind.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, you’re clearly not a property swinger. Or over 40. Or living in Mosman. The party isn’t for you.

The fact that access to housing wealth is increasingly unavailable to large sections of Sydney society might not concern Baby Boomers minting it and buying two, three or more homes while others cannot buy one. It should matter to state and federal leaders of all parties, as the result is intergenerational inequity.

Inheritance is becoming the main road to home ownership in Sydney: does that sound very Australian to you?[]


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