Flexispot EC1 Standing Desk Review

The Flexispot EC1 is a popular and affordable electric standing desk. It comes with a practical design and a sturdy build that lasts for a long time. Besides, it is easy to assemble and use and has a sleek design that increases the appeal of your workplace.

As more workplaces adopt a remote working culture, building a home office setup becomes necessary. You can achieve this goal easily with the help of a home office desk.

On that note, standing desks are becoming increasingly popular than conventional desks these days, thanks to their design that helps keep your spine aligned properly. And Flexispot standing desks are one of the best options available today in this regard.

That’s why I have reviewed the Flexispot EC1 standing desk in this article. So, if you want to know what I thought about it, then read on!

Flexispot EC1 Standing Desk Review

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Design – Simple Yet Practical

When it comes to desks, the first thing that everyone notices is the design. After all, the design determines the overall usability of the desk. Standing desks are no exception to this rule either, as it gives you an idea about how suitable the product will be for everyday usage. 

With that in mind, the Flexispot EC1 standing desk has a simplistic design that helps you do your work as comfortably as possible. As is normal for standing desks, it comes with an adjustable height that can be increased or decreased according to your own height. 

The height range of this desk is fairly high, which makes it usable for most people. Its maximum height is 47.6 inches, while the minimum is 28 inches. Because of that, you can even use it as a sit-stand desk if you wish. 

If your legs get tired of standing, you can lower the height settings and use it as a normal sitting desk, and vice versa. This enhances the overall versatility of this desk, especially if you are required to work for long periods. In that case, you can rotate between sitting and standing postures periodically to reduce physical fatigue.

The motorized height adjustment mechanism is located on the underside of the desktop. You can quickly adjust the height using the buttons located on the front. However, this height-adjustable desk doesn’t come with any height presets, which can be a minor inconvenience to some users.

There is a lot of desk space on the top, which means that you can accommodate all of your office supplies in one place. This includes your PC keyboard, mouse, multiple monitors, or any other component. Such an aspect enhances the practicality of this desk, as you can keep everything you need within your reach.

Build Quality – Incredibly Sturdy

Apart from the design, the build quality of a desk needs to be considered as well. This aspect indicates how well it is built, which essentially gives you an idea about its durability. If you want the best value for your money, then you need to ensure that the desk is durable. After all, you wouldn’t want a desk that becomes damaged within a few months of usage, would you?

Thankfully, the Flexispot EC1 electric standing desk has a pretty sturdy build, which will last for a long time. In fact, its build is one big reason why many people consider it to be the best standing desk available. 

It has an industrial-grade steel frame that makes it highly resistant to damage. In addition, the height adjustment system has been tested over 20,000 cycles, which means that you can use it for several years without issues.

Moreover, the desktop is one inch thick and has a solid wood texture and a thickness of one inch. This makes it notably thicker than other standing desks available today, which are typically 0.5 to 0.6 inches thick. Because of that, the solid desktop can withstand up to 154 pounds of weight without any issues.

Likewise, the product comes with a whole-piece desktop, which gives you a smooth and uniform working surface without any splits or gaps. Coupled with its sturdy build quality, you get a high degree of stability with this desktop that helps to enhance user convenience. In other words, the desk will not wobble or move around a lot.

However, one thing you should keep in mind about this desk is that it is relatively heavy. Of course, that is to be expected, considering its heavy-duty build.

Features – Made For Convenience

As I have stated previously, the Flexistand EC1 is an electric standing desk, which means that there are no manual operations involved. This height-adjustable standing desk features a fully motorized mechanism that is operated via a control panel located on the front.

The control panel is easy enough to access, which makes it convenient to adjust the height of the table. And speaking of convenience, the desk is compatible with a wide range of add-ons and accessories to improve the user experience further.

Some of the most basic add-ons include monitor mounts, desk mats, mouse pads, and other storage solutions for your office supplies. Besides these, you can use some quirky accessories, such as a neck and shoulder massager, an under-desk bike, and even a dehumidifier!

Naturally, none of these additional components are included with the package, which means you will need to buy them separately. But in my opinion, some of these accessories are quite worth it. 

Appearance – Sleek And Minimalistic

When you are getting a table, you need to consider its overall look and feel. I mean, what’s the point of buying a table that looks bulky and unappealing? If you need to work at home, you should at least try to do that in style! I admit that it’s not a major aspect to consider, but hey, who doesn’t like an attractive workspace?

With that being said, the Flexispot EC1 does its part to make your workplace look appealing. It has a sleek and elegant design that gives you a minimalistic vibe. On top of that, the desktop has a laminated bamboo top finish, which further enhances the visual appeal.

As for the color, you can choose between 9 different options, which gives you plenty of choices to personalize your workspace. The different color choices that are available include deep black, black, mahogany, maple, rustic, and white. There are some hybrid color options, too, such as black and white, silver and mahogany, and gray and white.

However, there is one issue with this table that many users might find a bit inconvenient. The cable management features are not up to par, especially when compared to some other electric standing desks. As such, your tabletop may look a bit messy if you keep your desktop PC components together.

Performance – Relatively Smooth And Stable

Performance plays a crucial role in the overall effectiveness and convenience of motorized standing desks. It usually refers to the capability of the motor and other associated aspects necessary for using the product.

On that note, I have already mentioned that the motor lift mechanism of this adjustable height desk goes through extensive durability tests. Furthermore, the operation of the motor is quite silent, generating no more than 50 dB of noise.

The height adjustments can be made smoothly and accurately, which makes it convenient to operate. Apart from that, the sturdy frame and powerful motor ensure that the table top always stays in the same position. Of course, this is true only if you remain within the recommended weight capacity.

Assembly – Beginner-Friendly

Despite its heavier weight, the Flexispot desk is not that difficult to assemble. This is thanks to its single-piece top, which is unlike many standing desks available in the market today. Also, the product comes with detailed assembly instructions and tools that help with this task.

In order to get the table components in place, you might require help from one more person. But the whole assembly process should not take you very long to complete. Personally, it took me around half an hour to put the desk together, which is not that long, considering the assembly times of some other models.

From my experience, only one other desk has a quicker assembly time than this option, which is the Vari electric standing desk. It is another great standing desk that you can consider for your home office setup. So, if you are curious about it, be sure to check out my Vari electric standing desk review.

Price – Very Affordable

Generally, motorized standing desks are known to be expensive, which makes them a significant investment for most people. However, the Flexispot EC1 comes at a very attractive price point, especially considering its features, build quality, and design. 

Very few other options offer so many features at such a low price. Therefore, you get a lot of value for your purchase.

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Available sizes: 40 x 24 inches, 48 x 24 inches, 48 x 30 inches, 55 x 28 inches, 60 x 24 inches | Weight: 78.7 pounds | Maximum weight capacity: 154 pounds |Frame material: Steel | Top Material: Wood (laminated) | Motor noise level: 50 dB

Flexispot EC1 Standing Desk Final Verdict

Now that I have arrived at the end of this review, you might ask the most important question of all – is the Flexispot EC1 standing desk worth getting? And the answer is – absolutely!

Yes, it does have some limitations and faults, but as you can see from my review, these drawbacks are nothing major. Besides, with its low price and long lifespan, you will get excellent value for your money.

The standing desk is versatile enough to be used by most people. In that context, it is not only suited for independent and remote workers but also for gamers and content creators.

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