“Freispiel” – Kindergarten V Guntramsdorf / g.o.y.a

© Kurt Hörbst

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"freispiel" - kindergarten v guntramsdorf / g. O. Y. A
© Kurt Hörbst

Project Details:
Location: Guntramsdorf, Austria
Type: Educational Public
Architects: g.o.y.a – www.goya.at
Project Leader: Paul JE Preiss
General planner: ARGE KS + g.o.y.a.
Site Area: 3.644 sqm
Project Area: 730 sqm
Project year: 2009 – 2010
Photographs: Kurt Hörbst, Apfoltern 4, A-4261 Rainbach (OÖ), www.hoerbst.com

The kindergarten is located in a grove of striking chestnut trees. Its rustic design celebrates a sense of open space and connection with its lovely environment.

To meet the various needs of the children, the building is organised as a series of structures, each connected visually with the trees. Classrooms are organised around a hallway which gives onto a foyer affording floor to ceiling panoramic views of the encircling chestnuts.

"freispiel" - kindergarten v guntramsdorf / g. O. Y. A
© Kurt Hörbst

Both classrooms and activity area branch out from the foyer which, clad in larchwood, maintains continuity with the exterior of the building.

The multi-purpose foyer is accessible to the classrooms and the gymnasium. This enables classes to be conducted discreetly so that different kinds of activity can take place simultaneously. For special occasions, however, the flexible dividing wall between the gymnasium and the foyer can be opened to provide a large events room.

"freispiel" - kindergarten v guntramsdorf / g. O. Y. A
© Kurt Hörbst

The kindergarten’s interior harmonises with the environment by being clad in larchwood. Load bearing walls of spruce cross-laminated timber are faced with triple layered spruce panels finished with a bright white varnish. Each classroom has a large panoramic window looking onto the chestnut trees. Windows are set at child’s-eye level with ample lower sills doubling as benches.

Unlike these airy classrooms, the gallery, lit by a skylight through which the tops of trees can be glimpsed, offers a more intimate experience.

"freispiel" - kindergarten v guntramsdorf / g. O. Y. A
© Kurt Hörbst

If the upright trunks of the old trees suggest strength and perseverance, these characteristics are expressed in the language of the building with its preponderance of wood. Footbridges and terraces link the classrooms, imparting a sense of well-being. Three themed play areas cluster about a garden: Balance and Equilibrium, Calm and Nature, and Sand and Water.

"freispiel" - kindergarten v guntramsdorf / g. O. Y. A
© Kurt Hörbst

Conceived as a low-energy building, the school is heated in winter, cooled in summer, by a ground water heat pump feeding underfloor piping. CO2 concentration controlled ventilation ensures optimum air quality.



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