From floating cities to high rise farms: Experts outline the future of Britain’s architecture

From floating cities to high rise farms: Experts outline the future of Britain's architecture

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From floating cities to high rise farms: experts outline the future of britain's architecture

Frequently the preserve of wealthy Londoners unable to build outwards, underground basements have often become as notable for the neighbourly disputes they cause as much as the eye-watering prices they command.

But super-deep underground basements are set to be a normal part of the way we live in the future, according to a panel of architectural experts.

Floating cities and high rise farms are also predicted to shape Britain’s landscape for future generations, according to some of the country’s leading experts.

In new research they outline the future form of the places where people will live and work.

Spaceports for travel to the Moon and Mars are also expected to become a reality within the next 100 years, they say.

The advances in engineering and architecture to make this possible will be fuelled by demands from growing populations and response to climate change, according to the expert panel. []


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