Frosty Reception – How the Ice and Snow Plays Havoc With Your Home

    Frosty Reception - How the Ice and Snow Plays Havoc With Your Home

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    We always read posts about how to get your home ready for the winter. But, has it ever occurred to us why this is a problem? What is it about the winter that makes our properties so at risk? Well, in order to understand this you have to figure out what matters to you in terms of your property. So, here is a post about just exactly why the ice and snow play such havoc with your home.

    Piping Problems

    An area of the home that is most at risk in the winter is the piping. Now, this isn’t just a problem for you necessarily. It can be a problem for the whole street if the right precautions haven’t been taken. But how you ask? Well, see water or gas pipes can become frozen in the winter. And this can lead to all sorts of long-lasting problems. It could result in burst pipes, blocked sinks, and other problems. Frozen pipes are a nightmare, and not something you want to take lightly. Make sure your home and property is protected against problems of frozen piping right now. There are companies that will be able to take care of this for you. But make sure you act now before it’s too late!

    Frosty Reception - How the Ice and Snow Plays Havoc With Your Home

    Unsafe Ground

    You also have to think about how you and the family are going to be affected by the ice and snow. Structurally the home may experience problems, sure. But, you’ll also find that it is unsafe and treacherous underfoot. And this can lead to a lot of accidents and problems. If the ground around the home is unsafe, it makes the property itself unsafe. So, you have to try to think about ways you can make it more safe and secure. Try to keep bags of grit or salt close to hand so you can put them down if the ground becomes really slippery.

    Snowed In

    You may also have to contend with the issue of being snowed in. Sometimes, if the weather is severe enough, you might actually find yourself unable to leave the home. The doors or windows might be blocked by snow, or even iced shut. It may also be that your car is snowed in too and you can’t get it out. When this sort of thing happens it can be a nightmare, because it’s so disruptive to your daily life and plans. If you’ve never been snowed in then you’re lucky, and if you have you’ll know what a pain it can be.

    Cracks and Leaks

    As well as the other issues involved, there are also going to be problems with the infrastructure. For instance, you may have to deal with problems of cracking and leaking. When parts of the home freeze over they sometimes expand and/or crack. And this can lead to all kinds of problems with leaking and water damage, etc. This is the last thing you want in the middle of winter. So it’s important that you try to take precautions to prevent this from happening as much as you can. Make sure all the windows and doors are de-iced and that they operate properly.

    Frosty Reception - How the Ice and Snow Plays Havoc With Your Home

    So, now you have a bit more of an idea about exactly why the ice and snow are such a pain for your home. And you will understand why it is that people are constantly advising you to ‘winter-proof’ your property.


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