German architects tackle global issues

German architects tackle global issues

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German architects tackle global issues

Did you know that part of China’s National Library and a St. Petersburg hospital were built by German architects? Architecture firms in Germany are expanding in developing markets by solving modern urban problems.

The Bauhaus design movement was, for many years, closely associated with German architecture. Founded by architect Walter Gropius and later continued by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Bauhaus stood for the vision of uniting art and design.

It was the rise of the Nazi regime in the early 1930s that drove many of the country’s Bauhaus architects into exile. Not only did their work become known abroad, but Bauhaus-style projects were erected in other country, including the 4,000-building White City complex in Tel Aviv and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Chicago Federal Plaza.

Now a new generation of German architects is establishing its reputation abroad, making the most of the positive attributes associated with the Made in Germany label – like quality and reliability – and focusing on sustainable, urban development and technology.

Most of the international projects can be found in neighboring countries like Austria, Switzerland and France. But the markets in Russia, the Arab world and especially China are increasingly opening up to German architects. []

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