Gezi Park: Architecture and the Aestheticization of Politics

Gezi Park: Architecture and the Aestheticization of Politics

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Gezi park: architecture and the aestheticization of politics

One of the most essential virtues we may assign to architecture is the ability to reveal the unconscious of power. What power refuses to say, or what power attempts to conceal in the inscrutable weaving of political language, is revealed in the works it builds. “Spatial images are the dreams of society,” wrote Siegfried Kracauer, in 1930. “Wherever the hieroglyphics of any spatial image are deciphered, there the basis of social reality presents itself.”

One such hieroglyphic is the plan for a shopping center at Taksim Gezi Park, Istanbul, forcefully advanced by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan last year. Understanding the plan as a political image helps explain how a seemingly local disagreement — the proposed demolition of the park and its redevelopment as a shopping mall — escalated into a global event, in late May and early June 2013, when protesters occupied Taksim Square and were violently evicted by riot police. By mid-June, more than 3 million people across Turkey had joined solidarity rallies; thousands were injured, five dead.


  1. You r compeletely wrong. It was just a pathetic attack of young peoples and old comunists against the goverment. It is not relevant with the gezi park. You say 3 millions peoples protests, what about other 72 millions ? Trust me, they just say “who gets fuck the park”. That’s all…

  2. @ Destenc: In fact you are completely wrong! Don’t try to underestimate the movement of the 90’s youth. That was a riot against a dictator and his “hero” police army who thinks he knows the best for us like building a mall on the last green area of the city center or bringing down a culture center (AKM) which is a sybolic cultural property to build a “baroque” opera house (i wonder if he knows the meaning of it) or bulding the 3rd airport in the North of İstanbul in which the biggest forest land and water basin exist or trying to build a second bosphorus which will ruin the sea ecosystem or building a 3rd bridge over the bosphorus which increase requiring instead of being a solution to the traffic. He also thinks that women should have at least 3 kids (the unemployment ratio is %9 in Turkey) and he tries to repress the abortion and caesarean which will increase mother and baby deaths. And now he tries to block the media and take the court authorities under control. That goes on and on.. So yes that is not about the park only but also about trying to achieve what belongs to us in democratic ways, trying to express ourselves and tell him to give up dealing with people’s life styles…


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