Give Your Mornings a Touch of Luxury with a Walk in Closet

    Give Your Mornings a Touch of Luxury with a Walk in Closet

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    If you watch old movies and dream about recreating opulent bedrooms in your own home, you can easily start with a custom walk in closet. They can add a touch of luxury to any size house, and they are incredible organizers. Imagine having every piece of clothing and accessory within reach, easy to see, well-organized, and even having a comfortable spot to sit while you choose what to wear. When it comes to walk in closets Toronto has several solutions, but a custom design is the easiest way to add your own sense of style and personality to it.

    The first step you should take is to make a list of the items you’d like to organize in one room. This might include dresses, pants, underwear, suits, shoes, scarves and jewelry. Then come up with a concept for the space: let your imagination run wild. Do you see yourself doing your makeup at a vanity table, or do you crave a table where you can lay out several dresses to decide? Do see yourself speeding through getting ready for work – cutting your prep time remarkably?

    Give Your Mornings a Touch of Luxury with a Walk in Closet

    Determine how many people will be using it. Smaller designscan still offer plenty of seating, storage, and standing room. The trick is to design both upward and outward and to design with multi-use items. For instance, you can use a full-length mirrored sliding door to separate it from the bedroom. You could also mount a mirror to a full-length cupboard door. Larger designs can also create his and her sides, meaning you won’t have to wait for your partner to finish during the hectic morning.

    Toronto cabinet and storage company Space Age Closets encourages its clients to imagine everything they want out of their bedroom storage solution. Decide how much you’re going to be doing there, i.e., will cosmetics remain in the bathroom, or does it make more sense to move it into the bedroom? Do you need ironing space or simply a dressing area? Would you find a small sewing area helpful for last-minute repairs? The luxury of going with a custom cabinetry company like Space Age Closets is the ease with which you make it truly yours. 

    With your needs and wants identified, you’re ready to talk to a designer. Some design options you might discuss for a custom closet from Space Age Closets in Toronto could include: 

    – Stacked rods to double or triple hanging space 
    – Glass-front cabinet or cupboard doors so you can see where you stored items
    – Clear acrylic or glass jewelry boxes
    – A higher hanging bar for lengthy clothing like dresses and coats 
    – A wall-mounted or top shelf shoe organizer
    – Fold up shelving to conceal storage, but provide organizing space when open
    – Separate hampers for dry cleaning and regular laundry
    – A cabinet bench that combines storage and seating
    – Shelves, cubby holes, and drawers that use residual space
    – A snap-close ring system for hanging purses and scarves.

    You can easily add luxury to your home and ease your morning routine with a walk-in closet. With the right organization, even a smaller area can make huge improvements to your bedroom. Call a custom cabinetry company in Toronto today and start dreaming.


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