Glasgow School of Art, Steven Holl Architects

Glasgow School of Art, Steven Holl Architects

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Glasgow school of art, steven holl architects

Spirit of Space has created two short films that communicate the “symbiotic relationship” between the Steven Holl at Glasgow School of Art Reid Building and Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s 1909 Glasgow School of Art

The first film features Steven Holl and Chris McVoy discussing the fundamental principles of the architecture. Holl shares the grander vision found from his influential neighbor. How at the core value, the building sincerely connects to Mackintosh. McVoy takes a deeper dive into the more specific aspects of the building, greatly emphasizing the impressive and complex building section.

The second film takes the viewers on a poetic climb up and through the circuit. By highlighting the authentic acoustical and spatial qualities, the film shares the student experience of creating art. The winding circuit purposefully encourages inter-disciplinary activity, with the hope to inspire positive energy for the future of art.


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