Guide for Purchasing a Lawn Sprinkler

    Guide for Purchasing a Lawn Sprinkler

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    Guide for Purchasing a Lawn Sprinkler

    If you want a lush and verdant lawn, the key lies in watering it correctly. The size of your lawn and the area that needs to be watered plays a huge role in determining the type of sprinkler that you should buy.

    How involved do you want to be in the process of watering your lawn?

    This also plays a part in the type of sprinkler that you need to buy.

    Types of sprinklers

    Oscillating sprinklers
    These sprinklers come with a long tube that has many openings. They move back and forth, creating a waterfall that is shaped like a fan.

    Impact sprinklers
    Also called impulse sprinklers, they rotate in a circle and shoot out one jet of water. As they do this, they make a distinct sound.

    Stationary or fixed speakers
    These sprinklers come in a variety of designs, including saltshakers and rings. Fixed sprinklers disperse water over a fixed area in a single pattern.

    Traveling sprinklers
    They look like small tractors and move through the yard in a predetermined pattern, while dragging the hose behind them.

    In-ground sprinklers
    These sprinklers are installed in the lawn and they come out at a chosen time to circle their way through your yard, providing complete coverage.

    Rotating sprinklers
    They have two or more arms, which spin to scatter water in a circular pattern.

    Sprinkler hoses
    These ones lie on the ground and spray water through tiny holes. Sprinkler hoses cover a long, rectangular area.

    Tips for watering your lawn

    If you want your outdoor greenery to be lush, you need to ensure thorough watering. However, you need to avoid watering with the wrong frequency or overwatering. On hot summer days, use sprinklers more often because grass is vulnerable to low water and high-heat conditions.

    Which type of soil do you have? This will dictate how frequently you need to water your soil. If you do not know how frequently to water, you need to look for changes in plants and grass. Browning and arrested growth should tell you that more moisture is required. You should let the soil dry between watering periods.

    Guide for Purchasing a Lawn Sprinkler

    If you water intermittently over several hours, the roots will get enough penetration. Sandy soils require infrequent and short watering periods while clay soil needs less water than sandy soil.
    On the other hand, loam soil holds water for a longer period than sand but not longer than clay.

    To get the most out of watering, do it early in the morning so that it does not evaporate quickly and has enough time to dry before night comes. A constant state of wetness is not good as it leads to insect infestation and disease.

    Sprinkler features

    A flow timer, automatic shutoff valve, and automatic timer can make the operation of a sprinkler system that much easier. Here are the features that you should consider when buying a sprinkler:

    Automatic timer

    This is a common feature for in-ground sprinkler systems. It allows you to set the time that you want the sprinkler to turn on or off, allowing you to water plants early in the morning without getting out of bed.

    Automatic shutoff valve

    This is a great feature for traveling sprinklers because the water supply cuts off automatically once the watering pattern is complete. This ensures that your lawn does not get too much water and prevents water wastage.

    Are you looking for lawn sprinkler installation Long Island based company? You should choose the best sprinkler for your lawn needs. If you are unsure about the type of sprinkler to install, you need to consult the person providing the installation services.

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