This project began from the relationship of the site and the surrounding context. In a small scale residential area with 3 story buildings, how is this project coming to anchor on the site? And, which kind of materials are applied to the volumes that contain programs requested by the client? How this project have the distinction in harmony with the surrounding environment?

H 1115-7 / a. E. A
© Kim Yong Gwan

According to the given program, the project is divided by independent volumes and then the volumes go through recombination process again. Dividing it into several volumes is one of methods for overcoming the relative physical size of a single mass.

H 1115-7 / a. E. A
© Kim Yong Gwan
H 1115-7 / a. E. A
© Kim Yong Gwan

The main material is bricks which are individualized by a module and it is chosen to reduce volume of the project for optical illusion. Three heavy and vertical volume of brick are placed on a light volume and horizontal polycarbonate. This combination of materials is a new attempt to the unusual visual effect as the volumes resists gravity.

Project Details:

Location: 1115-7 Hyangchon-dong, Sacheon-Si, Kyungsangnam-do, South Korea
Type: Residential
Construction Area: 295.91 sqm
Gross Area: 814.68 sqm
Architects: A.E.A (atelier espa:ce architectes)
Design team: Yun Sung Young, Kim Saes Byeol
Photographs: Kim Yong Kwan


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