Here’s an Inside Look at North Korea’s Dystopian Architecture

Here's an Inside Look at North Korea's Dystopian Architecture
© Julia Leeb courtesy of teNeues

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Here's an inside look at north korea's dystopian architecture
© Julia Leeb courtesy of teNeues

The book, North Korea: Anonymous Country, documents Leeb’s travels, peeling back the shroud that covers the country and stealing moments to take testimony for the rest of the world. Because architecture is so often used and commissioned as a symbol of wealth and power, the buildings of North Korea, a state founded in the aftermath of World War II, tell the story of dystopia—one filled with icons of dictators, dizzying towers of communal housing, and a hotel that, despite once being in the running for world’s tallest building, remains nothing but an empty shell.

In many ways, North Korea is a time capsule of former era, both as one of the last remaining Communist strongholds and as an utterly isolated territory. []


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