Hiding the Unsightly AC Unit – 5 Beautiful Ways to Do It


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Summer is here and that means it’s time to tune up the old AC., or install a new one if the current one is too old or you just don’t have one yet. However, not even if you hire the best HVAC and AC contractors, it’s unlikely they can help you hide the ugly but extremely important outdoor AC unit from view; that is something that you will need to do by yourself with the help of the following DIY ideas.


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The Cedar Cover

Not only does this cedar board cover look beautiful, it actually doesn’t require any nails at all to build! The entire thing can be put together by using industrial adhesive only. To know how you can make one yourself to hide that unsightly outdoor AC unit, head over to uglyducklinghouse.com.


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Let It Live in Its Own House

Give your outdoor AC unit a nice little house that doesn’t only cover it up, but actually makes for a beautiful little accessory for your garden as well. At its essence, this can be just a box made of 1×3s, wood finials and lattice for ventilation, but shaped to look like a cute little house, pallets as in the example below can work brilliantly as well. It is functional, beautiful and will probably take you a day at most to build.


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The Wall of Slats

Simple as it is, it’s a great idea to build a wall for your outdoor unit out of wooden slats. It’s basically a three-slat unit which has two threaded steel rods to act as both hinges and stakes that go into the ground. The hinges will come in handy when you will need to remove the unit and store it inside for the winter months. This one is one of the easier solutions to your aesthetically challenged outdoor AC unit’s appearance.


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Fence It Up

Along with covering up your AC with some pretty wooden fence pickets, the fencing will also prevent it from being encroached by your garden plants because that can mess up your air conditioning system. You will need fence pickets, pavers and some 2 x 4s for this along with nails and power tools as necessary. A piece of warning though; fencing it up doesn’t leave any room for ventilation on the sides so don’t make the mistake of covering up the top for decorative purposes!


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Mosaic AC Screen

Finally, we come to the most beautiful solution to your ugly AC problem, but this isn’t the easiest one on the list either. You will need a lot of broken, painted pieces of glass and three flat tops to stick them on to. Then there’s the question of putting them all together in an aesthetic and efficient manner. If you invest the necessary time though, it looks downright amazing. Find out more about the Mosaic AC Screen here.

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Once you start working on any one of the DIY ideas mentioned here, be sure to improvise and customize as needed, but don’t forget the ventilation. If you are don’t have time to put in the hard work yourself, or if you are not experienced with DIY projects, just hire someone who is and make sure they understand exactly what you want.

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