Hiirisuo playground building / AFKS Architects

Hiirisuo playground building / afks architects
© Arsi Ikäheimonen

Hiirisuo playground building is a modern barn, which takes its place in the landscape as an independent object. It has an easily approachable appearance of an auxiliary building. For the residents in the area the building acts as a motor for common activities.

Hiirisuo playground building / afks architects
© Arsi Ikäheimonen

All the different activities are gathered under one large roof. A skylight allows natural light into the center of the building, where a covered terrace is located relating to the common area in the heart of the building. The terrace opens to the park and it can thus act as a stage for various events. Similarly, wide stairs leading to the yard offer a warm place to sit and observe happenings in the park. The large terrace could also be a perfect venue for various celebrations. The terrace can be completely closed with a large “barn door” type sliding wall.

Hiirisuo playground building / afks architects
© Arsi Ikäheimonen

Building materials are simple. Building frame is made of wood and masonry is used in the wet spaces. Walls are clad with wood throughout. Exterior cladding is painted with different earth colours and in the interior wood is left unpainted. The building has a tin roof in metallic colour and a concrete base cast into a timber mold. Large windows with ventilation hatches are made of steel.

Project Details:

Location: Espoo, Finland
Type: Public
Area: 498,5m²
Architects: AFKS Architects Ltd and A-Konsultit Architects Ltd (co-operation)
Team: Jaakko Keppo, Jari Frondelius, Juha Salmenperä
Photographs: Arsi Ikäheimonen

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