How to Freshen Up Your Home Interior for Spring with Curtains

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time for a new look. It’s time to clean your home and get the winter dust out of all those corners. Get a haircut and find a bright, sprightly new outfit. Enjoy some fresh spring greens for dinner. And of course, it’s time to freshen up your home interior with some seasonal décor. Change your curtains for a quick style update as they can instantly transform or enhance an interior with the visual impact they hold.

To find the best spring seasonal look for your windows, we’ve gathered amazing things to know for your curtain inspiration.

Refresh Your Home for Spring with Curtains

Pantone Spring 2022 Color Palette

Long the go-to for the latest in fashionable color, Pantone doesn’t disappoint for spring 2022. Choose some new window decor in colors including Ultra Violet, Meadowlark, Cherry Tomato, Little Boy Blue, Chili Oil, Pink Lavender, Blooming Dahlia, Arcadia, Emperador, Almost Mauve, or Lime Punch. Don’t forget the classic spring color palette too for more conservative tastes.

Go Green

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Available in both fine and rough weaves, these materials can additionally be dyed to a color of your choice. In addition to providing a low VOC option for your home, you’ll enjoy a soft and warm fabric look while making an environmentally responsible purchase.

Add Luster with Jeweled Tones

If you’re caught between crystals and cotton, check out some Make your windows sparkle with a deep emerald and subtle shades of purple with an amethyst, or spice up that kitchen with a bright ruby look. If you’re really daring, consider adding some sparkle with a little Swarovski crystal near the seams or in a fleur de lis pattern on the curtain body.

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Glam Dark Woods with Vibrant Colors

Consider the color of your window frame or blinds. Pair vibrant retro curtains with dark, solid woods in your home and furniture. Think of deep blues and rich golds with hardwoods like cherry. For spring these blinds will provide additional sun protection, so feel free to choose a somewhat lighter fabric to provide an airy contrast.

Understand Luxury Fabrics

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Curtains and tapestries have been around for centuries. In the 14th century in Europe, the rich would covet warm velvets and luxurious silks, or handwoven tapestries to adorn their walls. French and Italian artists were sought after. More modest households in England and elsewhere often used linen or wool. Consider your fabric choice when choosing curtains.

Reduce Noise and Enjoy the Silence

Soundproof curtains are a practical option for reducing noise in your home. Made of dense materials and often featuring a multi-layer design, these curtains can absorb and dampen incoming sound, contributing to a quieter environment. While they don’t completely soundproof a room, they can significantly lower noise levels.

These curtains offer dual functionality – they provide privacy, light control, and noise reduction, all in one product. Furthermore, they come in various styles and colors to fit any home decor. For more information on soundproof curtains, refer to our guide on the best soundproof curtains. Including soundproof curtains in your spring decor update is a step towards a more serene and tranquil home atmosphere.

Not One Size Fits All

Remember when decorating that curtains are still crafted fabric. In the same way that you can order custom-size clothing, you can get a custom-sized curtain to fit any door or window. Measure based on not only your window height and width but also based on nearby furniture and décor.

Add Double Curtains for Depth

If one is good, two is twice as nice. Add double curtains in complementary colors to add depth to a smaller space. In a larger space choose an eye-popping color to break up the wall and add some extra dimension. Don’t forget to account for extra weight as you place the hangers and rods first though!

Tie-back to your Taste

Unless you plan to have your curtains closed all the time, make sure you have some tasteful curtain tie-backs. Common choices include tasseled, ruched, and pendulum styles. Select complementary colors like reds and greens for a strong, vibrant or perhaps an analogous set of colors in shades of blues and greens for a more subtle look. Choose a fabric based on its texture and shine to provide the right accent to your decor.

Go Global

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Living in one spot doesn’t limit you from decorating like you’re somewhere else. Consider adding global patterns or prints to create a worldly, cultural feel at home. Whether the colors and patterns of Rajasthan or the hand-sewn designs of Central America, you’re sure to get the conversation started with this global look.

Find a Spring Floral Theme

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If you can’t wait for spring flowers, or perhaps want to keep them longer than their season, consider bringing these spring beauties indoors. Find a floral fabric in spring’s most popular flowers to decorate your home with tulips, daffodils, and more. Combine accents of green leaves with deep yellows or test out a tulip petal-themed print.

Layer Textures for a Totally Unique Look

Sometimes you can’t decide on a single look. That’s ok, try putting two looks together, like this lace and floral combo. Using one semi-sheer curtain with a more opaque style, you can create a combined look that is sure to wow your guests. Play around with the transparency and depth of color in each layer.

Geometrics Can Change the Shape of Your Space

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If you want to open your space up instead of closing it off, consider a fun geometric pattern. Consider fabric with chevrons, nested triangles, or perhaps mosaiced hexagons to add this extra dimension. Don’t forget to consider the size of the print as compared to your space, but even on smaller curtains or blinds, this pop of color and interest can transform your space for spring.

Let the Air in with Voile

A favorite part of springtime for many is the smell in the air of fresh lilacs and growing grass. Let the springtime breeze into your house with lightweight voile or net curtains and start planning for summer. These net-like, or mesh fabrics, can provide both movement and a subtle shade for any room in your home.

There are so many curtains available to fit almost any taste. Create single-color wall accents or combine looks for a totally unique vibe. Consider fabric weight and movement as well as window and wall size before purchase. So what are you waiting for, choose your theme and get ready to decorate for spring with a fresh new look!

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