How a Home Security System Can Keep Your Family Safe

    How a Home Security System Can Keep Your Family Safe

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    In the past, high-tech security systems were only seen in the homes of wealthy, important characters in movies. But with technological advances over the past few decades, home security systems are reasonably affordable, and they can be installed without too much trouble. When you combine a home security system with today’s technology—smartphones, tablets, and laptops—they’re great for keeping your family and home safe when you’re away at work.

    How a Home Security System Can Keep Your Family Safe

    Typical Features

    There are many different home security options, some more basic than others. While many of these features often come as a package deal, it’s important to decide which ones are important to you if you’re considering purchasing a home security system. Here are some of the features that are commonly found in today’s home security systems:

    • Motion sensors: These can be placed in any room inside your house. When an intruder walks past the motion sensor’s field of view, an alert is sent to you or to the monitoring company.
    • Entry sensors: Entry sensors are placed near doorways to alert you when somebody enters your home when the security system is active.
    • Cameras: Many security systems include cameras to capture video for future evidence. These cameras are generally paired with a DVR to store footage and often come in large quantities to monitor many different parts of your home at once.
    • DVR: When your cameras capture video of an intruder, the video file is sent to your DVR where it’s saved for later viewing.
    • Monitoring: Monitoring is often a large part of home security systems. Instead of having to check in from your smartphone, you can have alerts sent to a remote monitoring center where somebody can alert the police.
    • Home automation: By automating parts of your home, you can make sure you’ve turned everything off in your home from anywhere. And if you leave something on, home automation allows you to turn it off. This is only included in some security systems.

    A Great Deterrent

    When a burglar breaks into your home, it isn’t a completely random decision. They carefully scout each home to determine whether or not it has a security system. Even before your home is broken into, your security system is hard at work protecting you. If there are visible cameras and alarms outside of your home, the chances of a break-in are reduced; criminals don’t want to get caught. Some home security systems will give you stickers and signs to place in front of your house, which lets intruders know that your home is protected and monitored, and probably not one they want to burgle.

    Even if they do try breaking in, the immediate sound of an alarm is often enough to scare them away long before they can cause any damage.If both these lines of defense fail, the worst-case scenario is a break-in attempt that you or your monitoring company may be able to thwart.

    Keeping You Connected

    Teaching your kids safety at home is important, but having the ability to keep a watchful eye on them from wherever you happen to be adds a layer of protection.

    The best part about today’s home security systems is the ease of connectivity. Most security systems will have a smartphone app that allows you to control and monitor your home. That means you know when an alarm goes off and when your children make it home safe. You can also use this connectivity to activate or deactivate alarms and cameras and make use of any other home automation features.

    If you have cameras connected to your security system, you may be able to watch them through a live feed on your smartphone. All of these features combine to provide you with an effective, easy-to-use security system that you can access from anywhere.

    When it comes to the safety of your family and home, you can never be too careful. Home security systems are a great way to keep an eye on things when you’re away from home, and a monitoring company gives you an extra set of eyes. For a reasonable price, you can get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is safe even when you aren’t around the protect them.

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