House in Ikoma / arbol

House in ikoma / arbol
© Yasunori Shimomura

Architect’s Statement: Double height ceiling space at earth floor connects the entire rooms and the family

The request of the clients was earth floor, and a spacious open place like studio, as they’d like to feel sense of unity as a family.

House in ikoma / arbol
© Yasunori Shimomura

To meet these needs, entrance, earth floor, and stairs have double height structure, and the ceiling height is set in 6700mm. Furthermore, a glass window is placed above the stair space, and its width is same as earth floor one, so that the sunlight comes in well through that wide open window. The aim of this design is for wind, natural sunlight, and air to run through the whole area freely and effectively, in this compact house.

House in ikoma / arbol
© Yasunori Shimomura

Because of this design, some parts of the beams appear, so as to enjoy the strength of wood structure, and its grain change as time goes by.

As this house is located at a developed land of Ikoma mountain, equipment for cold weather is essential. To have a warm living room, polycarbonate material is used at earth floor and stair space.

House in ikoma / arbol
© Yasunori Shimomura

Floor heating is set at the both earth floor and living floor.
As for kitchen equipment, a specific business use model was selected by the client.
The exterior shape is square, and simple. Gable roof is placed through north to south.
The house is on the hill, looking down over the scenery, wrapping the inside family gently and softly.

Project Details:
Location: Ikoma-city, Nara, Japan
Type: Residential – Houses
Site Area: 132.26sqm ; Total floor area: 85.03sqm
Architects: arbol
Photographs: Yasunori Shimomura

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