How to Care for Your Wooden Floors

How to Care for Your Wooden Floors

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Wooden floors are an exquisite addition to any house. It certainly improves the resale value of any home. One of the reasons that people do not like having wooden floors is due to the fact that it is easily scratched. This, however, is somewhat of a misconception. If you maintain the floors on a regular basis, they will last for a long time.

How to care for your wooden floors

There are specific ways that you need to keep a wooden floor clean. One of the key points in sustaining such a floor is consistency. This means that you must keep the surface of the wood and carpets clean. You should utilize the appropriate supplies and floor scrubber for this purpose. Here are some detailed instructions for caring for your wooden floors:

As mentioned, this should be done quite often. This is because when dust settles on the wood floor, it causes a dulling of the surface. Also, the more dust there is or the longer is stays on the floor, the harder it is to remove. You can sweep the floors at least once a day to keep in good condition. The two most common methods for keeping dust off the floor is with a vacuum cleaner or a long handled brush. Make sure that the brush that you use is a gentle boar bristled one.

It is more than enough to use just water to mop your wood floors with. If you want to use some form of cleaner or detergent you should thoroughly check that they can be used on wood floors. Do not use any cleaner that is not meant to be used on wood as you can cause irreparable damage. When mopping, use the minimum amount of water necessary. Using too much water can cause the wood to absorb the excess liquid. This will cause the material to expand and form cracks. The best approach is to use a damp rag to clean a small section and immediately wipe it dry with another cloth.

Not all wood floors should be waxed or have floor polisher used on them. To know whether or not your floor can be cleaned, you should contact your manufacturer to determine the type of wood used. The newer wood floors are already coated with a urethane finish. These floors should not be waxed. The older versions of wood floors can be lightly buffed with a suitable wax. To determine whether a wax is appropriate for your floor, you should first test a small portion of the floor. You can use it on a corner, perhaps an area under a piece of furniture. Place a small amount of wax on the floor. If it forms beads of wax on the surface, it is safe to use. If it is absorbed into the floor, you should not use that wax.

To ensure that your wooden floors last as long as possible, you should maintain them well. Make sure not to get any scratches or dents in the floor. You should also keep the wood clean and avoid spilling any damaging substances on the floor.


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