How To Decorate A Large Wall In The Living Room

What to do and what not to do? The dilemma is real when you are planning to decorate your large living room space aesthetically. 

It’s a common confusion among homeowners, and they often get riled up regarding how to decorate the large blank walls in the living room. You need to consider the style and interior decoration of your living room while decorating the large wall. 

Also, it’s important to carefully consider different wall decor ideas because the living room wall sets the mood and vibe of the entire room. Should you paint the wall or leave it blank? Should you install a central art piece or go for a set of art pieces? It’s best to explore all these options before you start decorating the wall.

And that’s why we’re here to discuss 23 innovative ways to decorate a large living room wall. So, without any further ado, let’s begin! 

How to decorate a large wall in the living room 2

1. Large Art Piece 

1. Large art piece 

If you have a large blank wall in your living room, one of the best ways to decorate the wall is to install a large, statement art piece that will become the central attraction of the room. Such large wall decor ideas can help add a visual dimension to the otherwise blank wall in your living room. 

It’s best to go for any large art piece that’s vibrant and colorful and can fill large blank walls. Plus, a large-scale art piece will add more visual texture and color to your living room, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. You can consider installing an oversized and beautifully framed photograph or painting on the empty wall behind your living room sofa for the wall decor. 

2. Eclectically Styled Wall 

2. Eclectically styled wall 

If you think that a large painting or photo will be too much for the living room, you can go for a curated gallery wall. It’s one of the most popular ideas of wall art decor that goes well in any living room, small or big. Start collecting eclectic and unique art pieces, including paintings, drawings, or photos, for decorating the huge wall in your living room.

This wall art decor can add a multidimensional visual impact to the living room with different art pieces. It’s best to follow an asymmetric pattern while arranging the art pieces on the large empty walls to create an eclectic appeal. Also, you can install artwork of different sizes to maintain a sense of contrast. 

3. Grid-Themed Gallery Wall 

3. Grid-themed gallery wall 

When it comes to filling up the bare walls in your living room, you can also choose to create a well-organized and finely tailored gallery wall. A themed grid gallery wall works beautifully if you’re planning to have modern and sophisticated living room decor. Also, this gallery wall decor fits perfectly with classic-style and posh living rooms. 

The grid gallery wall follows a theme and offers a streamlined and symmetrical artwork display. If you own any favorite art collection or series, the grid-themed style is the best way to decorate the gallery wall. Or, you can also arrange some botanical prints to create a beautiful grid gallery wall in your living room. 

4. Console Table 

4. Console table 

While decorating large walls and filling up the blank space in your living room, installing artwork is not always necessary. You can also install a new piece of furniture, like a console table, to decorate the large wall space. Set up a large console table against the big blank wall to change the entire look of your living room. 

Moreover, a console table goes well with both modern and traditional styles of interior decoration. So, no matter the style of your living room space, a console table can be perfect for decorating the large empty wall. However, if you don’t have enough space to set up a large console table, you can also go for a set of benches or small stools. 

5. Mirror Centerpiece

5. Mirror centerpiece

If you’re looking for furniture and accessories to decorate the bare wall in your living room, a structurally unique mirror centerpiece can be a great pick for wall decor. A large and oversized statement mirror can change the entire look and vibe of the room without the need to install any artwork. 

Not only that, but a mirror centerpiece also helps to reflect light across the entire living room space and brightens it up. Thus, the space automatically opens up with this wall decor idea and looks bigger. Always go for a mirror that has a unique and bold shape so that it can stand out and be the central attraction of the room. 

6. Wall Hangings 

6. Wall hangings 

Hanging decor has become a popular way to cover up and decorate a large wall, apart from paintings and photographs. Wall hangings include any piece of fabric, such as wall tapestries, rugs, or flags. They can be a perfect solution for decorating a huge wall that can’t be covered with only paintings or photos. 

Fabric wall hangings, like rugs and tapestries, also help to add a soft and natural texture to the living room. They come with large art prints that help in enhancing the visual appeal of any room. Not only that, but these wall hangings are more affordable than any large-scale painting, making the wall decor much cheaper for your living room. 

7. Wallpaper 

7. Wallpaper 

There are very few wall decors that can substitute the visual impact and versatility of a beautifully designed wallpaper. Even if you have a small living room, the wallpaper adds a dramatic tone and becomes the focal point of the room. As such, you can pick any wallpaper based on your personal style and preferences. 

It’s best to opt for wallpapers with natural textures and unique patterns, like wood graining or marble, that can offer a clean and sophisticated look to the living room. You can also go for removable wallpapers if you don’t want to cover the entire space with wallpapers permanently. 

8. Wall Mural 

8. Wall mural 

Hanging a paper mural can be just as mesmerizing and captivating as any wallpaper. But, what is a wall mural? It’s a large wall art piece that’s pretty cheap because you don’t have to frame it to hang it on the big wall in your living room. Also, these wall murals are perfect for filling up a large space in any room. 

You can go for murals with natural patterns that add visual textures and dimensions to the room. Moreover, the best thing about wall murals is that they’re not permanent and very easy to remove. So, you can easily change the wall mural if you decide to spruce up the wall decor. 

9. Bookcase System 

9. Bookcase system 

If wall hangings and other artworks cannot fill up the entire space in your living room, you can always go for a full-length bookcase installation. A bookcase system with tall bookshelves with a floor-to-ceiling design can be ideal for decorating large walls. You don’t need to worry about installing costly paintings or artwork if you go for this wall decor idea.

Store and flaunt your collection of hardcovers and paperbacks with a beautiful bookcase system that can be the focal point of the living room. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to decorate a large living room wall. Also, when it comes to home decor ideas, a bookcase system is ideal both in terms of practicality and style. 

10. TV Wall 

10. Tv wall 

Movie nights on the weekends are the best way to spend time with your life, and the large living room makes the perfect space to set up your TV. And why just stick to the TV? You can build an entire console cabinet to go with the TV to enjoy some online gaming marathons with your friends. 

Plus, installing some glass sconces, such as the Murano Glass Chandelier and some floating shelves, can transform the entire space and brighten up the room. They’ll add a dramatic visual dimension to the room along with the sleek TV design. So, creating a TV wall can be an excellent way to use the empty space.

11. Wood Panel Designs

11. Wood panel designs

If you have a large and blank wall in your living room, it can be a great idea to try out some wooden wall decor and designs. You can use the entire blank space to install unique and innovative wooden panel designs to add visual textures and dimensions to the room. 

For instance, you can create different geometric shapes and patterns, such as board and batten, as part of your wood plank design. Not only that, but you can also use different color palettes to decorate the wooden planks to create a colorful and cohesive look. Hence, you can use any color scheme to amp up the visual appearance of your wood panel design. 

12. Hanging Plants 

12. Hanging plants 

Who doesn’t love to see a splash of greenery in their living room? And if you have a large and empty living room wall, it can offer the perfect backdrop for hanging some indoor plants. Hanging some green and leafy indoor plants will add a natural and organic touch to your living room, making it look lush and cozy.

Also, you can pair the hanging plants with some beautiful art pieces to enhance the visual impact of your living room. In that way, the green indoor plants and the artwork can be the central attraction of the living room space. 

13. Accent Wall 

13. Accent wall 

An accent wall serves as a focal point in a room, a single wall that features a different design, color, or material compared to the others. They bring character and depth to any space, helping to define its style and atmosphere. However, beyond aesthetics, accent walls can also be used to enhance the acoustic properties of a room.

Soundproofing an accent wall can be an effective way to mitigate unwanted noise and improve the overall sound quality within a space. There are multiple ways to soundproof a wall, ranging from the use of acoustic panels to specially designed drywall or even insulation materials. These methods help to absorb sound waves, reducing their ability to reverberate within the room or pass through the wall.

Moreover, many soundproofing solutions can be customized to fit a wide range of decor styles. For example, acoustic panels are available in various colors and patterns, allowing them to blend seamlessly into the design of the accent wall. Therefore, soundproofing does not necessarily mean compromising the aesthetic appeal of the room.

14. Floating Shelves 

14. Floating shelves 

Another excellent way to decorate a blank wall is by installing floating shelves to display some beautiful art pieces or your family photos. You can place different paintings and photos on these shelves if you don’t want to hang them on the walls or create an entire gallery wall in the living room space. 

You can also mix in other interesting items while decorating the floating shelves, like placing small indoor plants or your favorite figurines to enhance the visual interest of the wall decor. It can be a great way to flaunt your personal preferences while decorating the living room wall. However, be careful while placing items on the floating shelves because you don’t want them to look cluttered. 

15. Woven Baskets

15. Woven baskets

Who said a gallery wall could only be about hanging artworks or shelves? If you’re looking for an alternative to artwork for decorating your living room wall, woven baskets can be a perfect pick. Wall decor ideas involving woven baskets are quite out of the box and can add some beautiful texture to a blank wall. 

Plus, hanging woven baskets can beautifully complement a farmhouse-style living room with fancy wooden furniture pieces and hardwood floors. These woven baskets also come in different color combinations that can look gorgeous and add some pops of color in white or neutral rooms. 

16. Sculptural Lighting 

16. Sculptural lighting 

If you love a modern and minimalist design with unadorned living room walls, going for sculptural lighting can help fill up the empty space and add a visual dimension to your living room. The blank wall can act as an excellent backdrop to highlight the unique design, shapes, and structural elements of the sculptural lighting decor of the room. 

For instance, if you have a white living room wall, a cylindrical chandelier can help in enhancing the visual dimension and filling up the empty space in the room. However, it’s best to install sculptural lighting only if you plan to keep the living room wall bare. If you pair such a heavy lighting piece with large artwork or wall hangings, the room might look overcrowded. 

17. Folding Screen 

17. Folding screen 

A folding screen can act as a statement piece while decorating the blank wall in your living room. A traditional folding screen might sound a bit odd, but it works beautifully as a wall decor without requiring any installation. Simply place it in the corner or line it along an empty wall, and the folding screen will become the main attraction of the room. 

Also, folding screens become attractive wall decor items and help in storage. So, if you’re planning to keep your living room wall bare, place a folding screen, and it’ll act beautifully to cover up the sparse and empty space. 

18. Sconces


Wall lighting is the perfect way to enhance the visual appeal of your living room by adding a bold and dramatic impact. You can simply add some sconces to the empty wall beside the TV, mirror, painting, or your cabinet to offer some balance and symmetry to the living room. 

Also, you can add a sculptural dimension to your otherwise bare living room by installing sconces having unique and interesting shapes. What’s more, wall lighting can help open up space in your living room and brighten it up. A pair of sconces also goes perfectly well with modern and traditional living room styles. 

19. Hanging Bar 

19. Hanging bar 

It might not be a common wall decor option, but a hanging bar can be a unique and innovative addition to your empty living room wall. If you don’t have enough space to install an entire bar cabinet in the living room, a hanging bar is your perfect solution. 

When you’re entertaining your friends and family, a hanging bar keeps the conversation going because it makes serving drinks to the guests so much easier. Also, you don’t need to worry about wasting any floor space while installing a hanging bar in the living room. It works beautifully with an open floor plan and connects your dining room and living room space. 

20. Plant Wall 

20. Plant wall 

If you are a gardening enthusiast, you can transform the large blank living room wall into a unique plant wall that will add greenery to the room. Install planters with a wood pallet for hanging plants on the empty wall. The plant offers a natural and organic touch to the living room, enhancing its aesthetic appearance. 

Plus, it’s quite easy to maintain the plant wall without worrying about water dripping from the built-in planters. You can also add some visual textures to the living room by installing the plant wall and hanging different indoor plants on this empty wall. So, it can be a great way to fill up the empty space in your living room and add some lush greenery. 

21. Large Floor Mirror 

21. Large floor mirror 

A large and oversized floor mirror can be a great way to decorate your large living room wall while adding an incredible visual texture to the room. It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it’s so much more practical than going for large-scale artwork. Simply place it on the floor to brighten up the entire living room space. 

It will also help reflect light across the entire living room space so that the room feels larger. Not only that, but an oversized floor mirror is also excellent for a quick outfit check as you’re heading out for the day. 

So, the floor mirror ticks all the right boxes when it comes to style and practicality. Just make sure you have enough floor space before you decide to place the large mirror in the room.

22. Tall Plants

22. Tall plants

When you’re decorating your living room wall, placing some of the decor items in front of the large wall can effectively cover up the empty space. You don’t necessarily need to hang several artworks or install a TV cabinet to decorate the wall. 

Similarly, placing tall plants, like a tall faux fig tree, can act as a statement piece and be the focal point in your living room. It will add a splash of greenery and make the room look fresh and organic. You can turn the entire place around by positioning a tall plant in front of the large, bare wall. It can perfectly complement a modern or traditional living room style. 

23. Curtain Panels

How to decorate a large wall in the living room 23

Curtain panels go beautifully in living rooms and bedrooms for decorating and covering up any large wall space. If you have a blank wall that’s idly standing in the room, give it a new curtain makeover. Add some huge curtain panels using long rods and hang some curtains that go well with the entire interior decor of the room. 

Curtain panels can greatly enhance functionality and privacy by controlling light, this being their main role, but have you considered their potential for soundproofing? Soundproof curtains reduce unwanted noise, making your living room a more peaceful environment.

Creating a wall of curtains will help you fill up any large and empty space in your living room and amp up the room’s aesthetic appeal while improving noise control within the room. Just make sure that the color of your curtains goes perfectly well with the color of the walls. So, carefully consider the color scheme before choosing the curtains for your new curtain panels. 

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