Huge LEGO bricks for building stuff are now real

Huge LEGO bricks for building stuff are now real

Huge lego bricks for building stuff are now real

If you’ve ever played with Lego (and who hasn’t?) as an adult, you’ve inevitably looked at the tiny bits of plastic in your hand and thought, Damn, these things are small. That’s what Arnon Rosan thought, anyway. “You get older,” he says, “and you kinda wish you had a life-size version of that.”

Most people might stop at fantasizing about life-size building blocks, but not Rosan. He created them. Rosan is the founder of EverBlock, a modular system of full-scale plastic blocks that, like Lego, stack atop each another and lock together with raised lugs.

But EverBlock is more tool than toy. You can use the polypropylene blocks to build fully-functioning furniture and structures. They come in 14 colors and three sizes: full (one foot long), half (six inches), and quarter (three inches), and vary in weight from two pounds (full size) to a quarter pound.

EverBlocks assemble more or less like any other modular building blocks, but on a larger scale. But as the blocks get bigger, building with them gets more complicated. “When we first started, I envisioned that people would know instinctively how to build with them,” Rosan says.

That wasn’t the case. In miniature scale, it’s easy to gain perspective on how blocks fit together. At life-size scale, it gets more challenging. “People start to worry about stability,” he says. It’s no big deal if your 3-inch wall topples, but it is a problem if your 15-foot wall does. []


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